Question, map cod2!

Question, map cod2!

Question, map cod2!

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You have radiant cod2. Easy program

Bild maps like Sims and SketchUp 3d program

Just google radiant cod2


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Keep it english please.


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2:39pm Jun 27th 15

I believe this will help you, I made it quite some time ago:
To anyone else that might be interested, sorry about Croatian, but I believe you can get most of it from pictures.

About making new weapons, you'll need Maya 6.0, several tools for exporting/importing/converting models, and quite some expertise in 3D modelling.


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3:40pm Jun 27th 15

Hey, @miss , thank you very much. I'm just before the month trying to make custom skins for my frag movie with clan logo, tribal and colors, to sort of remind me of CS: GO ^^

What I tried: I used IWD viewer program and I was browsing through the files from the main Cod2 (copy for movie) to find skins for weapons (which I found). I found the skins for vehicles, buildings, everything everything, but I did not know how export and inport again in main. Win rar can not reach to that skins ( model, normal maps, bump mup, displasmant maps, UV maps )

This mod can help to continue...maybe
If I'm successful, I promise I'll make a tutorial how I made it


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4:32pm Jun 27th 15

@TEAMMATE-past1 I could not open the IWD files. If you succeed, I'll explain you how to change color, texture, and meny more.

Step 1
A First you must understand what is 3D OBJECT - What information contains
this is not that simple to explain but it is easy to do: D

For the next core game this is not so important, because strong machine, but the machine from 10 years ago, this is a very important betting.
Keep OBJ in LOW Poligons ( rendering speed and staff )

B Second, one object to be detailed (and to render quickly) must contain some information (color, detail and texture-displasment, bump, UV maps)

This is UV map on the model [SPOILER=SPOILER: Click to view][/SPOILER]
This is UV map unrolled, and displayed as JPG [SPOILER=SPOILER: Click to view][/SPOILER]
This is Displasment map on base Model

Step 2
As you can see all the information for easier rendering are stored as JPG or PNG

Only you can do is to faind those UV map color, or displasmant PICTURES,
and open it in Photoshop( edit picture) and save as the same file, and export as same IWI file in IWD compresed folder....


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5:21pm Jun 27th 15

Images can be found in your stock call of duty iwds.


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6:31pm Jun 27th 15

iw_13.iwd contains the weapon files you want.

How to import that in pam mode? Just create map images and put there?

Quote from TEAMMATE past1 on the 27th of June 2015

For client side mods e.g. maps, (weapon) skins, menu's you need to create a compressed file with mandatory filetype .iwd.

For server side mods like scripts they can be put in main in a .iwd file with '_svr_ in it. Or if you use fs_game for your mods the contents can be put inside the folder without the need of a .iwd file. (hint hint pameditors xx)

I used to mod weapons and mod a radar back in the days and used these tips hereto make sure for efficient load on a (home) server.


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7:47pm Jun 27th 15

Black and yellow!


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8:32pm Jun 27th 15

but when i open weapons from iw_13 in photoshop they are not in color, they are black and white!?

Quote from TEAMMATE past1 on the 27th of June 2015

When I tried to explain how 3D world work, you said that you know all this, and now ask why you have black and white UV map?

Becouse: All objects have Color map , Normal map, and Displasment map ... and all those images create fine 3d object


First is Color map and have Color informacion

Second is Normal map and have Bump information for example grass or some textures and work like a 2d fake textures, ( fast rander )

Third is Displasment map of all the details, pimples pores, wrinkles, cracks in the tree, and create 3d realistic textures ( slow rander )

@TEAMMATE-past1 you found displasment map for that object, you must search color map... do you now understand?

how displasmant work? This can be useful to point out the logo on the Object
In defoult objecat with no effect in picture is 50% gray.
If you want to bump object you put the light color (white) if you want
recess, you put a dark color (black)