Big Problem With Demo

Big Problem With Demo

Big Problem With Demo

Thread started by wayne` on Tuesday, 3:18pm May 26th with 19 replies. Views: 2,674


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3:18pm May 26th 15

Hi Guys!

I have a problem, I cannot find the demo which how it turns out was I supposed to send how I can repair the xp system in order to restore the demo which he is supposed to prove, that I am innocent? This my first offence is never in the life I didn't have a problem with the demo message. And I was sentenced to 12 months please for the help, is thanking in advance.

Ps: Not to criticize too weak spellings.


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4:05pm May 26th 15

Do you have ingame screen, where you can find the demo via his 'name' ?


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4:06pm May 26th 15

Using a non-genuine XP makes sense


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4:10pm May 26th 15

i searching demo in folder main but cant find i think delete when i got a lot of mod pam folder. So how i fix this problem?, probably i can back system and i do it, and still cant find this demo.


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4:12pm May 26th 15

@Biggs that right hh :DD

kapteeni molo

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4:31pm May 26th 15

Download a program called Recuva, easy to use and to restore deleted files and folders.


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4:33pm May 26th 15

Ty i try make it @kapteeni molo


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5:36pm May 26th 15

waynee hahah hacker ..


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5:37pm May 26th 15

u hacked against us shameless so gg admins for banning him


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7:57pm May 26th 15

@mitozjeee aka whiner look about another match i upload demo only this match not upload 3rdies so stfu and go away!


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9:56pm May 26th 15



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1:57am May 27th 15

jus gud


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4:48am May 27th 15

Well, u got 12 months ban for not uploading demo? And other guy, which didn't uploaded against us (and it was his second offence of this type), is banned only for 14 days? Wow..


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1:43pm May 27th 15

What's exactly the ban reason? That couldn't have been a sole ban reason for 12 months.