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CyberGamer homepage changes

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Thread started by LegacyAdmin on Wednesday, 6:11pm April 29th with 47 replies. Views: 20,242


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9:14pm Apr 29th 15

Nice, looks better now


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9:59pm Apr 29th 15



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10:59pm Apr 29th 15

looks indeed better now


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11:26pm Apr 29th 15

The new like feature is also pretty cool


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11:51pm Apr 29th 15

much better dude,

it felt like a down voting competition out there...

personally i would look at reducing the forum post content shown using:

[CODE]text-overflow: ellipsis;[/CODE]

so when i load up the home page i am going to see maybe 3 articles instead of 1 1/2. The "CGPL Live event door prizes!" is a good length as well as the "SMITE Oceania Esports Season 2015".


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12:06am Apr 30th 15

thanks for another FB knock off...


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1:00am Apr 30th 15

this is real nice


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1:08am Apr 30th 15

I like it, good job Asterix!


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1:29am Apr 30th 15

Much better, thanks Asterix


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2:04am Apr 30th 15

Better earlier than later.
Was obvious a week in the wall was a flop. 1 in 15 posts were legitimate, if that. People can say 'better late than never', but that's not what you want from an organisation. To me, this seemed like a fairly quick and obvious fix to the fail that the wall became, why it took so damn long, I will never know. Nonetheless, glad that the wall is gone.


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5:07am Apr 30th 15

much better.


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5:25am Apr 30th 15

Gj Asterix <-- Fix this? =)

+1 to you @keso


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6:54am Apr 30th 15

do like


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7:44am Apr 30th 15

step in the right direction, now to remove the less active games and focus on the bigger games, or give some attention to the games, most games die because they get admins that know fuck all.


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8:19am Apr 30th 15

I thin the likes should be a total amount of likes, as there are total amounts of posts rather tan likes per post.
I'd really like to look back in 50 years and feel popular because I have like 100 likes omg.