CyberGamer homepage changes

CyberGamer homepage changes

CyberGamer homepage changes

Thread started by LegacyAdmin on Wednesday, 6:11pm April 29th with 47 replies. Views: 20,240


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6:11pm Apr 29th 15

Hello everyone, we've removed the "CG Wall" from the homepage and replaced it with an expanded news feed, similar to the previous versions of the site.

This is largely due to the wall not being used the way it was intended. The CG Wall was supposed to be the single part of the site that was shared across AU/EU and all of the platforms, unfortunately it doesn't appeared to have worked out. Most of the content is probably better suited to the forums.

No further wall posts will be allowed. For the meantime the existing posts can be found here. Will likely remove the archive entirely in the near future.

Let me know if you encounter any issues,



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6:18pm Apr 29th 15

Looks much better.

A lot of people called it when it was added. [small]LOL[/small]


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6:24pm Apr 29th 15

Better late than never.


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6:39pm Apr 29th 15


would love if you could make "likes" more useful, showing them somewhere on the comment!


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6:46pm Apr 29th 15



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6:47pm Apr 29th 15

ah the hidden is gone now.


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6:55pm Apr 29th 15

also get rid of CG walls. Cheers


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7:02pm Apr 29th 15

also get rid of CG walls. Cheers

Quote from Swak on the 30th of April 2015
You mean wall rules right?


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7:49pm Apr 29th 15

Group IM chat would be awesome ye


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7:57pm Apr 29th 15

Yeah, I like the new 'Like' feature you just added.
Like 4 Like anyone? (I need to boost my likes) xo.


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8:41pm Apr 29th 15

Sweet, that's heaps better. The likes thing is pretty cool too, good shit asterix.


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8:45pm Apr 29th 15

looks better now.
never understood the wall.


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8:49pm Apr 29th 15

Good job


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8:59pm Apr 29th 15

Looks nice. Great improvement.


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9:03pm Apr 29th 15

Much better!