Recruiting new COD2 admins!

Recruiting new COD2 admins!

Recruiting new COD2 admins!

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Since we're close to 3000 played matches per month, we've decided to open admin recruits for CoD2 once again.

Write an application in the form of a letter, telling us why you're the best candidate for the job. It helps if you include your current and previous tasks, achievements, motivation, people in the crew that support your application and ideas that you may have for the game on CG.

We expect that you will:

  • Make an effort to improve the quality of this game on Cybergamer
  • Have a good knowledge of written English
  • Stay active and maintain your crew
  • Be prepared to handle cups
  • Keep a close eye on the dispute numbers and ladder activity
  • Handle "whine" / people asking lots of questions / etc.
  • Be responsible with a mature attitude
  • Have experience with the CG system or some other league system
  • No history of cheating
If you think you are the right person for the job apply here. Select the "PC platform", tick the game "Call of Duty 2", and select the "Game/Ladder Admin" from the role list.

Kind regards,
EU PC Call of Duty 2 Admin Crew


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@flisko +1!!


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@ephezyYyY haha


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make a smart choice pls;D


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reporting for duty


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personally the guy who was always nice and helpful with anything - @blonde


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ka ka

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@basza free kurva anyads for everyone


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