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CoD1 Players LFT/LFM

CoD1 Players LFT/LFM

Thread started by Purr on Sunday, 3:57pm March 15th with 80 replies. Views: 17,599


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3:57pm Mar 15th 15

After contemplating about whether this would be helpful to get in contact with each other, I figured it's better just do it and see how it goes.

Basically, anyone looking for a team on cod1 (AW/RO) and/or mixes, drop your xfire here, and please do mention whether you play AW, RO or both and if you do have a team but you're up for mixes, please do mention this as well, just to avoid misunderstandings. -> 1.5 only! <-

This way I hope some people will be able to get into the game much easier, and for people to be able to be more active on the game as well. Please do inform your teammates, friends and anyone else you know who plays cod1 about CG, the plans we have for a ladder, the effort we're putting into this all together, and link them to the various threads regarding cod1 on CG, including this one.

Anyways, for myself: I'm available for mixes, available to get a team going as well (once the ladder gets on its way), AW only. Xfire is vaenneav


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4:02pm Mar 15th 15

i'm up for some aw matches, seems cool
xfire: xaviernl


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4:02pm Mar 15th 15

My xf: voyak. I'm up for mixes aw 1.5. feel free to invite me.

rapidzjeh / nath

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4:07pm Mar 15th 15

xfire: toxicpenguin123
I could give it a go!


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9:42pm Mar 15th 15

call me on mixes too . xf : colormanmixer , have 1.1 / 1.5


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10:45pm Mar 15th 15

free to mix

xfire: kwad3


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11:02pm Mar 15th 15

hit me up

xfire: kezmon


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1:58am Mar 16th 15



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11:21am Mar 16th 15

xfire: myvengeance
can mix for AW as I want some practice


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12:21pm Mar 16th 15

Created a IRC for you guys, idea is something similar to cod2.wars


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1:00pm Mar 16th 15

Thank you very much miss. :-)


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1:12pm Mar 16th 15 and edited 1:10pm Mar 28th 15

Xfire: biejay
Website of my clan:

Im playing with a Team of rl mates (Name: TrickNade), but I will inform creative clan aswell. Maybe they will have a team too.

TrickNade prefers to play all weapon, but we can even handle the RO thing.


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1:24pm Mar 16th 15

hey i think my team would love to play aw and ro.
i do have another oldschool team which would play both aswell.

xfire: papa23


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2:13pm Mar 16th 15

Hi, my xfire:fubuuu, also have few mates interested


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3:11pm Mar 16th 15

I'm going to add every single one of you when I get home from work, awesome.