Another cheater busted or? Ple...

Another cheater busted or? Please Check

Another cheater busted or? Please Check

Thread started by ojaciscool on Wednesday, 5:56am March 4th with 18 replies. Views: 3,130


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5:56am Mar 4th 15

I'm not a moviemaker or anything, that's my first time, so resolution isn't that perfect, second clip shows that his mate didn't see the nade as well, any idea? what he did seemed incredibly weird to me at the end of the video, there are lot's of other suspicious stuff for both of the players, but I just focused at these clips, Watch in 720p

Both of their demos:


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9:57am Mar 4th 15

Personally, You will never get someone banned for that!


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10:27am Mar 4th 15

what are those lines ?


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11:24am Mar 4th 15

Frag movie just for us? <3


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11:57am Mar 4th 15

Clean under youtr doormat first


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12:08pm Mar 4th 15

lol, imo not clean


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12:21pm Mar 4th 15

1st round is clean

the only weird thing is that he suddenly moves his mouse when hes planting to the left but you cant ban someone for that.


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3:39pm Mar 4th 15

No one will check those demos and only say that we cheat cuz of 2 rounds in a youtube video. Great


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4:29pm Mar 4th 15

you sir are obvious, was admin of the democrew, recognize this shit easily


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4:48pm Mar 4th 15

Wow, bravo

check demo. Everything in this video looks wierd. Not a single round was "obvious". Either he heard or saw him. I just checked his demo...


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5:04pm Mar 4th 15

Its funny how the guy who creates a thread about someone else hacking is an actual RWB hacker haha! Love some people from this scene!


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5:06pm Mar 4th 15

444 = ojac who is returned whilst banned!


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5:12pm Mar 4th 15

And his friend jozef never uploaded a demo even if requested. Got banned


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6:42pm Mar 4th 15

444 is redzo RWB who returned like 10 times or his m8 mr.kokojambo which is the same cheater moron like him ...


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7:56pm Mar 4th 15

fragnation very hackers yes