[TRAVELING] Norway, anyone wil...

[TRAVELING] Norway, anyone willing to give advice?

[TRAVELING] Norway, anyone willing to give advice?

Thread started by KROL REMIZY on Tuesday, 10:10pm February 17th with 8 replies. Views: 2,441


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10:10pm Feb 17th 15


I am planning on going to Norway towards end of July and I was wondering what is there that I could potentially see/visit. I am into trekking, nature, wildlife and I prefer more active holiday rather than sitting on my ass in some sort of resort staring at jailbaits. A part from my own research, is anyone going to recommend any nice places I could visit? Preferably near or not too far from the Pulpit rock which I am definately visiting.

Thanks in advance


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12:52am Feb 18th 15

@iBear @f1shY @kUMMEH


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12:54am Feb 18th 15

better come to germany and drink some beer with me f4gg3333t


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2:41am Feb 24th 15


Train? Driving?


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4:50pm Feb 24th 15

Reason I made this thread is because I wanted someones knowledge rather than them posting websites which I can/have looked at lol..

I'm going to travel by public transport

Hystad [H]

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3:09pm Apr 7th 15

Hey Comedy

I think its cool that you want to visit Norway :D

I would personally go to see Trolltunga, aswell as the pulpit rock I havent been there my self, but id like to travel there some day..

Here is a picture from Trolltunga..


If you like nature, Norway is a great country to visit. There are thousands really beautiful fjords, rivers and mountains. If i were you, I would bring my fishing gear and spend some time fishing the rivers in the valleys.

Have fun! I hope you enjoy your stay in my country! ^^,


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4:24pm Apr 8th 15

Thank you for your help buddy

Hystad [H]

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10:38am Apr 20th 15

Thank you for your help buddy

Quote from COMEDYkkkk on the 8th of April 2015

No problem ;)!

By the way, you should visit this place if you are going to Stavanger.



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2:28pm Jul 27th 22

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