Tutorial: Registering Steam ID

Tutorial: Registering Steam ID

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All CS:GO players will need to have Steam ID registered on their CyberGamer profile. You can do this by following this tutorial.

1.) Make sure you are online on Steam, start your CS:GO game and connect to some server, you can even go empty game with bots.

2.) While connected to a server type 'status' in your console. Your SteamID CS:GO is displayed behind your nick in the format STEAM_X:X:XXXXXX,

Write it down or take a screenshot of it.

3.) Go to your CyberGamer profile -> Edit Profile -> Profile, Games & Forums -> Game IDs -> Steam ID. Enter the ID in requered box, and hit save.

4.) You can now find your ID on extended page of your profile.

5.) With same 'status' command you can check IDs of all other players in the match. Steam IDs link ingame players with their CyberGamer accounts, so they will need to 100% correct.
If a player's Steam ID doesn't match on CyberGamer and ingame, the team he plays for violates the rules and it can lose the match by forfeit.