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6:56pm Sep 12th 14

Hahaha? Are you Fucking kidding me??? Ban without warning??? What i can to know it?...And we have disputed matches for fucking black screenshots??? Really this league is fucking shit ....if admins dont know make some normal anticheat....as was TZAC or UAC



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6:59pm Sep 12th 14

Si založ novej ú?et.. Myslím si, že todle není tv?j jedinej, když je ''2k14'' ...


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7:11pm Sep 12th 14 and edited 7:28pm Sep 12th 14

First of all, we had newspost regarding this couple months ago, before that we warned the people about black screenshots, but as most of them didn't cared, and just kept playing, we decided to stop on end of this with match bans:

Second you should've read the ladder rules before start playing:
- You must run CGAC on the computer you use to play the match on.
- You may not have any black screenshots.
- There must be a continuous flow of screenshots during the match. Note that some screenshots are private and viewable only to admins.
- Having black screenshots after the 27th juli 2014 will result in a ban.


Third, it's written even at ladder ranking page, you never checked that while applying your team, or checking rank standings?
If you want to play with DX7 you have to use the black screenshot fix ->


And fourth, I love when people bitch around for anticheat which makes them possible to play this game competitively after nine years. Maybe you can try to make normal anticheat in your free time without any fee than?


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7:21pm Sep 12th 14

miss can you join me on xf? and try it? if i have it ok?....coz i repaired it already


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8:34pm Sep 12th 14

If you can't follow basic rules, you shouldn't be playing this game on a league. Feel free to link us to a AC without any issues.