[MUSIC-VIDEO] Our latest work...

[MUSIC-VIDEO] Our latest work - A Faroese love story...

[MUSIC-VIDEO] Our latest work - A Faroese love story...

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2:57am Feb 12th 14

I would like to present our latest work. A music-video filmed in the remote Faroe Islands. I wrote a hefty description on Vimeo. But to sum it up: The music-video is about two lovers in the Faroe Islands during the turn of the 19th century.

Hope you enjoy it. Feedback is very much welcomed, you are also free to share it on social media pages if you like. If you have any questions feel free to ask :)



Polar Films Entertainment

12:07am Mar 21st 14

I would like to use this opportunity to ask for your support, by voting on our video for the "SONY PRODUCTION AWARDS 2014".

The way the competition works; is that in 3 weeks time the top 5 videos with the most votes in each category (Factual, Creative and Student), will progress to the judges-panel where a winner in each category will be selected. By voting on us, you are helping us reach the finals where experts and professionals in the business will decide which video is the best this year.

LINK: https://productionawards.sony.eu/videos/creative/7e6c441105a965d9bffcc2044a87d794#.Uytw1vl_vHV

Thank you for your support. (and another very special thanks, if you would share this, wherever you roam).

Polar Films Entertainment


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