CyberGamer Version 5 released!

CyberGamer Version 5 released!

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2:16am Feb 19th 14

Hopefully this site will grow on me but here is my thoughts.


- Forum section is the same but the drop down menu's to get to various subjects ain't there which ultimately sucks and half the time I'm just looking aat forum updates on the sidebar cause cbf to try to navigate and then look for subjects etc.
- The standings and team ranking, When I have gone into my team to check whether a win has been updated etc. The only identifier is the updown arrow with maybe 3-0 in favour of Example, Doesn't show streaks W/L and doesn't clearly identify your placing - would be good to have the placings stand out on your Team page, if I'm 1st place it is a good feeling to have a nice First placed big wording finish instead of fading text. Then to navigate to find your team on the standings using your team page. Instead of having Standing to click on you have to go to view ladder and then standings, would be nice to have a tab that you could click to - goes to placings and such and highlights your team with a blue filling of your placing etc.
- Team banners etc. The team banners now get cut off and look terrible, you get half the image and to be completely honest having paid for a team package I want my banner to be good and now it just has half.

Almost seems more like a Facebook and these are just my bias opinions - but can't complain, the service and being able to play competitively that Cybergamer provides is good enough for me.
Love gaming.


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4:20am Feb 19th 14

A lof of good points man. You want to challenge a team, and 1/2 their name is cut off on the list. Are you sure you're challenging the right group? What if a clan fields two teams? And their suffixes are all that identify them from each other.

Random Clan Name: Team Bozo
Random Clan Name: Team Nitwit

All you'd see is "Random Clan Na...." certainly makes it a wee bit harder to figure things out when half the text, or indeed half the image, is missing.

But.. Uh oh. You complained!
So Enjoy your ban....

Oh crap. I complained too. See you in a month Dont forget to water the peace lily while Im gone.


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2:39am Mar 7th 14

I don't like it. I mean it looks great, I won;t deny that. But in terms of navigation and overall user friendliness it is severely lacking. Version 4 was much better in my opinion.


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10:02am Mar 8th 14

At first I really liked it, but now that I'm using it more, I'm finding it extremely difficult for user navigation and it's really time consuming. I'm not even sure how to drop myself from a team's roster atm.


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10:08am Mar 8th 14

Use the drop down box next to your "my profile" link up the top right:

Then click settings:

Then click "walls, friends, teams & invites".
Then find the team that you wanna leave, and click "Leave"


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11:40am Mar 8th 14

Cheers babe.


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12:06pm Mar 8th 14

An easier way to get there would be to go to your extended profile and find the game defaults section > 'edit teams'.


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2:08pm Mar 8th 14

after using it a bit more, there are some nice added features
but it's still ugly and I don't find it to be user friendly at all.

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11:52pm Mar 8th 14

It took some time getting used to version 5, like knowing were every thing is, but the update has so many more features