CyberGamer Version 5 released!

CyberGamer Version 5 released!

CyberGamer Version 5 released!

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6:51am Jan 31st 14

Today marks a very special day for all of us here at CyberGamer. It has been a long 3 years since the previous upgrade and finally we have the release of CG Version 5. As you can see right off the bat the website has had a huge facelift and looks crisper than ever.

This is by far the best version of CyberGamer to date and will be used for some years to come. This version will serve as a platform to greatly expand on and add many more features over the coming months. In the future we plan on updating and adding features, areas and sections.

Some of CyberGamer 5.0's new features include;

    "The News Feed" - Check out the latest news trending on CyberGamer. "My Friends Activity" - Head to a friends profile and hit follow so you can keep up to date with your friends activity. "CyberGamer Walls" - On the homepage you will notice the CyberGamer Wall. These can also be found on user profiles, team pages, ladders, match pages and various other pages. "New Smartbar" - The new bar is looking smarter than ever. "The Gallery" - You can now upload photos to your profile and add to them to the CyberGamer Gallery for anything such as gaming rigs or LAN Events. "Visual & Performance Enhancements" - We've changed the way things open so they will be far quicker and easier on the eye. "Forum and Ladder Redesign" - The forums and ladders have had a visual improvement and are now much easier to navigate. "User and Team Profiles New Look" - Profiles have had some really big changes, you must check it out! "Tag me?" - You can now tag someone "@UserMan123" or a trend "#CG5". "HEAPS MORE!" - We could spoil it all here but that would ruin the surprise when you stumble across a new cool feature.

All of our staff here at CyberGamer hope you enjoy adapting to and using the fresh new site. Please be patient with us if not everything is perfect from the get go. The site is still in the late beta stages so you may find some things aren't working the way they should be. Rest assured though we will have them up and running in no time.

For bugs/problems please post in this thread:

Enjoy the new site!

TG James246

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8:25am Jan 31st 14

Lookin' good. Now, enjoy all!


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8:25am Jan 31st 14

Good Job! I love it after using it for a while!


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8:25am Jan 31st 14

Will likely be some performance issues for the first couple of days whilst I optimize things, hang in there!


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8:27am Jan 31st 14

Well done friend!


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8:30am Jan 31st 14

This feel's different, looks clean and nice though!


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8:30am Jan 31st 14

Why does Facebook keep changing :<


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8:30am Jan 31st 14



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8:31am Jan 31st 14

why fix something that ain't broken


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8:31am Jan 31st 14

im scared of change


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8:31am Jan 31st 14

Good work! Might take a while to get used to, but I like it!


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8:31am Jan 31st 14

massive improvement, not sure about the tiny avatars but the i'm definitely a fan of the lay out

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8:31am Jan 31st 14

pree' sweet.


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8:33am Jan 31st 14

Interesting look.

Well done.


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8:33am Jan 31st 14

did i just come to gamearena

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