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Welcome. I created the ticket as I had admin. A small detail can not answer for what my friends and I got banned. When I ask her for proof admin sends me a link to profile's VKA. For me, this is not evidence of an administrator expropriation me such a thing ...
2 My team mate got banned for borrowing the account when he bought a new computer. He wrote that the admin can send a scan invoice but he does not want you does not seem to be a little strange? My question is what you as a player do you think about this if you want I can send out the ticket ss
it is not surprising that the cod4 die if they are given away for free ban feels like the times when ClanBase admins did exactly doing the same thing. It is a pity that the vita nova died and was born CG. Ok maybe a few sesons was good but what is happening now is a joke

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12/11/12 u dont remeber this time


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He got a new PC? I have to admit that is the best excuse as of yet for account sharing. The ban is legit and vkkaa used that other guy his account to play matches with you.

Oh what coincidence that if he had a new PC that it would match to the same people he played with before... oh wait.

Closed since this is pointless and you are trying to lie your way out of this. Dumb lies like this should be punished in my opinion.


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Like i've told all of your team, these pathetic threads won't help,