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old school player seeks team

old school player seeks team

Thread started by tequilv2 on Wednesday, 1:33am October 2nd with 7 replies. Views: 2,185


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1:33am Oct 2nd 13

Hi all,

I'm an old school player (vcod, coduo, cod2, cod4 pam,...) that seeks a team for the first time in 3 years.

Skill: med+ ak, med smg, high scope,.. can take any gun you'd like, highly competitive (languages i speak: dutch, english, german and french)

PM me


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12:10pm Oct 2nd 13

LoL gl

KiX <3

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12:41pm Oct 2nd 13

gl and put your UAC id on your cg profile


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2:38pm Oct 2nd 13



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3:14pm Oct 2nd 13



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10:15pm Oct 2nd 13

Good Luck


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11:07am Jun 23rd 20

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1:56pm Aug 30th 21 and edited 6:27pm Aug 30th 21

I'm an old-school player, too.
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