Cheater or not?

Cheater or not?

Cheater or not?

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10:55pm Jul 10th 13 and edited 5:39pm Jul 30th 13

first of all sry for my bad english,yesterday we played agains inception gaming and result was 24:24,we dispute this match(1:0),we asked demo of player NUTSZRA ,when i wrote in match chat that i have done with timestaps they accept score 1:0 and they delete team ,we played whitout uac because it has been broken, and this guy was so obvious,prefiring all the time,he know everything,dropped 30 frags both maps, i made video without sound because i was in a hurry so i want your opinions,here is the demo of player If video was really bad i will make new beacuse this player has wh 100% here is the video so enjoy and sry for bad english in video(i made it in less then one hour)

If you have a litlle time pls watch the demo and you will see :)

This is the video with a sound

Now its time for ban!


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10:56pm Jul 10th 13

tzac ?!


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11:01pm Jul 10th 13

on the 10th of July 2013]
tzac ?!

Quote from qYu :
uac,i corrected mistake


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11:06pm Jul 10th 13

NUTSZRA cheater obv


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11:17pm Jul 10th 13

Pretty hard to see if he is cheating in this video, but afaik it seems kinda dodgy - cba downloading demo :3


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11:18pm Jul 10th 13

hax pas mater


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11:19pm Jul 10th 13

only the first third and 4th frag look a little bit dodgy, the rest you showed in the video was pretty much you being clueless aswell;P Played against this fucker and did some weird stuff aswell. I was not sure if he just doesn't know how to play this game or if he had something going on.


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11:22pm Jul 10th 13

nraz and ice gtfo this thread. only english please ty


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11:26pm Jul 10th 13

maZU, I'm sorry I do not know English, I translate with google translate )

Quote from nRaz on the 10th of July 2013


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11:28pm Jul 10th 13

The music was pretty good :).

Only a few frags are obv, idk really.


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11:29pm Jul 10th 13

before making video on the person,that he is a cheater,you review all of the demo team,you probably know what is that ts3,and it's also not forget that you can be one of those who simply use standard position,so.......not what is not worth it your video about him....
So don't worry schoolboy:P:P:P

Quote from MC_Ice on the 10th of July 2013
yeah ofc oldschool,i you watch demo you will speak something else,no problem guys,i will made one more movie with sound


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11:33pm Jul 10th 13

cheater omg


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11:45pm Jul 10th 13

100% cheater admin ban please!!


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11:56pm Jul 10th 13

guys i am making new video with all round with sound,we asked scoper for demo but he dont upload


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12:11am Jul 11th 13

cheater or not, I'm hot