Welcome To CyberGamer Version...

Welcome To CyberGamer Version 3.0!

Welcome To CyberGamer Version 3.0!

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6:30am Feb 1st 10

Welcome to CyberGamer 3.0
The last 9 months have been a hard slog for the hometown heroes Jeremy "Asterix" Klaosen and James "[email protected]" Burroughs with many long nights spent with heads buried in the keyboard spamming out dozens and dozens of lines of code, icons, and buttons. But here we are proudly presenting to you CyberGamer Version 3.0.

The new site has taken a more media rich focus, looking towards presenting more news movies and articles to give you guys more than a competitive gaming system to compete on. As you will notice one of the side bars has gone freeing up more space for bigger forum posts, articles, and media areas. The games systems are now more user friendly with more space and a smarter layout system incorporating a news homepage for each game where you can then bounce off to the forums or the ladders.

Naturally as im sure you will all see we now have an application bar which has replaced the outdated chat, pug, and PM system where you will get your PM inbox and notifications but also be able to join chatrooms and pugs alot easier. Incorporated with that is a new event management system which tournament and lan organizers can use to promote their event or use it as a fully integrated signup payment and booking system for their events.

You will also notice the new website now has an organization system! This allows teams with multiple divisions to create an organization hub that showcases the achievements of all your teams and acts as a management hub for your staff to oversee the team as a whole. You have probably also noticed CyberGamer Premium! The fact sheet can be viewed at http://www.cybergamer.com.au/premium/ and it's a subscriber service that unlocks a swag of new gadgets and features for your team to add value to your experience and also provide essential tools for keeping your team at the top of its game.

With the new system comes PS3 with a fully recruited team who are raring to get going and bring competitive PS3 to CyberGamer, hopefully sharing in the dramatic success the XBOX system have had in building CyberGamer console gaming up to be the biggest console gaming system in Australia.

CyberGamer will be expanding on its network of partner sites with 2010 seeing a number of new and exciting additions to the system but you have to wait for those .... its a secret... :). Its going to be a massive year here on CyberGamer in 2010 and its our pleasure to have you along for the ride. So take a moment to dig around the system and please feel free to submit support tickets for any glitches you find as there is always bound to be a few demons hiding in the code somewhere!

As the Business Manager for CyberGamer I have watched this website grow in a massive way in 2009 and I want to be the first to congratulate and thank Jeremy and James for the sensational job they have done with CyberGamer 3.0.



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7:24am Feb 1st 10


7:32am Feb 1st 10


We're still making changes, there are a few things still broken but we're freaking knackered. Any feedback would be great. If you run into any browser compatibility problems (and are using the Chrome Frame plugin - for IE users) please let me know!

Enjoy Guys


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8:24am Feb 1st 10

Looks excellent, and right on schedule too.


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8:32am Feb 1st 10

Very nice work fellas. Bring on the playstation.:D


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8:37am Feb 1st 10

sup fags well done!


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8:37am Feb 1st 10

ummm, nice?


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8:37am Feb 1st 10

nice work


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8:38am Feb 1st 10

Can you please change it so that the newest messages are at the top of your "Notifications" this is really confusing :s


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8:38am Feb 1st 10

Bloody amazing, a bit of getting use to though. Great work guise!


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8:38am Feb 1st 10


Great work fella's!


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8:38am Feb 1st 10

Looks mad!


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8:38am Feb 1st 10

i like this alot good job


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8:38am Feb 1st 10

wow, changed heeps. good work.


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8:38am Feb 1st 10