[Suggestion] New CG Premium

[Suggestion] New CG Premium

[Suggestion] New CG Premium

Thread started by LEGACY ATLAS+ on Monday, 3:33pm June 3rd with 5 replies. Views: 4,966


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3:33pm Jun 3rd 13

Hey everyone,
I struggled over this and couldn't wait to see what CG premium feels like - and now I am kind of disappointed. Let me explain my points from the list found on the premium ad:

Auto-entered into an absolutely awesome monthly prize draw!
Great, but for gamblers and the chances are really low.

Recieve instant CG notifications via SMS text messaging!
If you are only playing CG matches and you don't participate in the forums you won't benefit from this.

Get freakin' huge forum signatures!
Nice but useless.

Ability to set a 2nd/3rd avatar
Look above.

Gain site-wide PREMIUM status
So what?

Get access to PREMIUM forum boards
Sounds appealing but as you can see it is quite empty and there is really nothing to talk about.

Unlock beneficial features for each of your teams!
I haven't noticed this one yet.

Support CG's development!
Great thing for rich people.

I don't want make this look useless, on the contrary I want to make it more appealing and help the CG site. Maybe you can introduce new features; for example:

Advanced guid search: Enter one guid and get results from various anti-cheat sites.
Different styles: Self-explanatory.
Team stats: Average won and lost points etc.

Maybe you can change or add some things that somebody else or I mentioned with the new website coming, if not, thanks for reading though!


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4:55pm Jun 3rd 13

If you dont want to support this site and dont care about the premium status and the giveaway... why did you bought it?

btw there are a few features for the team like a gallery and team chat and you can get SMS notifications when you got a match ;)

You also get more forum rep and a fucking big P infront of your name


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5:05pm Jun 3rd 13

Someone gifted it to me.

How do I enable the gallery / chat at my team?


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6:58pm Jun 3rd 13

i <3<3 PRM mayne


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4:21pm Jul 13th 13

The advanced guid search doesn't sound too dumb I would like to see it aswell and as for the beneficial features for your team I havn't noticed that one either.

Well I mainly got Premium to support the CG website so I don't care too much


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5:16pm Jul 23rd 13

I simply support cg :]