CyberGamer Turns 6!

CyberGamer Turns 6!

CyberGamer Turns 6!

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11:24pm Apr 8th 13

Hello everyone, today CyberGamer turns 6. was released April 9th 2007.

From last year we now have 217,000 members from 173,000. CyberGamer Europe - continues to grow.

Year six saw the launch of the CyberGamer Premier League where teams do battle on our online system to earn the right to Australia's best battling it out at a live event championships. With the first one completed and the second one under planning we aim to bring the system to as many game titles as we can.

2013 will also see something of a restructure of how CyberGamer operates as we consolidate our international expansions and change our infrastructure to better serve our now regional systems. We continue to be a community focused organisation where the primary goal of the system operations is to return tournaments and activities to the community at large.

As we return to a business focus for 2013 we are also looking to expand our tournaments and offer more prizes to more people over the coming year, can 2013 be the year we crack the $100,000 prizemoney mark?

Some notable statistics from the past year
- over $80,000 in prizemoney awarded
- 111,000 matches played

We would like to thank all of the CG staff who volunteer their time to better the community and all of the CG premium users. As well as everyone who uses the website

Lastly, we're still working on a new version of the website... it will be released eventually :)

Thanks everyone!


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11:31pm Apr 8th 13

Congrats :)

Still waiting for that new version hahah


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11:32pm Apr 8th 13

Happy Birthday cybergamer


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11:33pm Apr 8th 13

yay happy birthday cg, new version sounds exciting

Bi polarBear

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11:33pm Apr 8th 13

Happy bday Cg

6 years in helping this community for free



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11:35pm Apr 8th 13

happy birthday cybergamer
good on the refs for supporting;)


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11:36pm Apr 8th 13

hb cybergamer


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11:37pm Apr 8th 13

happy bday


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11:39pm Apr 8th 13

Happy BDay CG


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11:39pm Apr 8th 13

Happy Birthday CG !


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11:39pm Apr 8th 13

Happy Birthday CG


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11:41pm Apr 8th 13

Happy Birthday CG


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11:46pm Apr 8th 13

happy b'day.


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11:49pm Apr 8th 13

Happy b'day CG


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11:55pm Apr 8th 13

Happy bday CG!