5LINE looking for CS:S team

5LINE looking for CS:S team

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About Us

5LINE eSports are currently on the search for Counter Strike:Source teams to expand our growing organisation. We are a well funded, friendly and active organisation who with other teams, are wanting to share and support a newer generation of gaming. Currently, we have 2 Counter Strike:Global Offensive teams: 5LINE and 5LINE.EkiPA. In terms of other games we are highly interested in expanding from FPS games and intend on this stretching from MMORPG & MOBA games to eventually expanding to the console scene. As mentioned, we are a well funded organisation who have no possible chance of folding any time soon, so we will be around for as long as the gaming scene is going strong. In relation to this, we have been on and off in terms of functionality since 2008. Now with the CS:GO switch over that everyone has taken from CS:S, the Founders of 5LINE decided the time would be right. If any of the information below does not cover any of your concerns, please do not hesitate to contact one of the founders.

What we would like from our teams

- We are looking for teams with no more than ten members (Depends on the game)
- Active 4+ days a week (Also keep active on teamspeak3 and forums)
- Can give and take banter but know when to take the game seriously
- We don't want immature players
- Have set training days
- Preferably stable teams but will give teams searching +1/2 a chance
- Not planning to fold anytime soon
- Lan (Not a must)
- Willing to learn and improve as a team, can take losses and build on them
- Playing Leagues and cups (will give you time if you are training first)
- Preferable 18+ (Not a must)
- We don't mind where you're from, Just be able to speak fluent English so everyone can get involved in gathers/mixes and general stuff
- Preferably results/awards already

What we have to offer

- Experienced, dedicated and friendly administrators always willing to help out with any problems you may have
- Match server (Full FTP)
- 50 slot teamspeak 3 (Some Admin and own channel, Will add more slots once needed)
- Website
- Friendly members and friends always up for gathers/mixes on different games
- Active (We are on from 6/7-midnight)
- Sponsored by Aenhost.com


PM me on here

Steam (Founder)- http://steamcommunity.com/id/Blakeee/

Steam (Co-Founder) - http://steamcommunity.com/id/5LINE-dNa/

Website - http://www.5line-esports.com/