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Thread started by adrian:- ) on Wednesday, 11:34pm November 28th. Views: 824

adrian:- )

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11:34pm Nov 28th 12

Hello, new to this game, would like to try it out(played for like a week). I've only played the 4v4 league so far with some mates, we got to master league in 5-6 games and realized that league was crap, So i guess i'd like to try to play ESL (seeing as that's the only sort of league i've seen so far)or something with a "team".

Name: Adrian "Adr" Scholl
From:Sweden, I speak fluent English though!:D
Wep:played SMG throughout cod4, think i'll play that in BO2 aswell (could go for Assault though.)
"Skill":Been top 20 cga, played against some good teams and played well imo.
Prev Cod4 teams: Chaotech(keso,snajdarn,jenski,robz,me)tF(Tonez,Tobijas,Jenski,Crasse,Me)
I'm on pretty much everyday, I go to musicschool which kinda forces me to stay at school late some nights of the week (19.00-20.00).
Xfire:Smurfzdunk Steam:Bulldoggy95 (yes. It's a very nice steamname)


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12:36pm Dec 21st 20

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