banned without reason.

banned without reason.

banned without reason.

Thread started by kAMYK on Saturday, 10:03am November 17th with 10 replies. Views: 2,827


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10:03am Nov 17th 12


Admin says that im banned for multiply account (according to him) its my first account :
He said that he has the same hardware id like me, I dont know how he get it?
Sadly, I havent even cheating or I didnt had multiply account before ban.
What can I do if a support ticket guy don't want to explain my ban?

Is someone placed above that this support ticket guy?


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11:20am Nov 17th 12

lol same hw :SA?D


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12:54pm Nov 17th 12

Im not Sexy2601 omg and i dont played at 1a134af2 cuz i manually add my own guid. Please dont be retarded.


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1:59pm Nov 17th 12

If you're innocent, then why make another account 22 hours ago with different details, and the name Sexy, same as the banned player, clever bunny. :)


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2:05pm Nov 17th 12

But not only me used that cdkey, how you can see ban is from IP: 77.255.*.* and it cant be me cuz i have stable ip : 82.177.****.**. btw i entered manually my cd key long time ago and often played at a4c47610
and shox I WASNT EVER BEEN SEXY OR PALMO I HAD JUST ONE ACCOUNT. Why ur still giving me link to players that i cant know? Once again : CHECK MY IP!


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3:46pm Nov 17th 12

stfu retard:c


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3:48pm Nov 17th 12



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5:26pm Nov 17th 12

LOL ur idiot... show my a screen (with multihax) and how u can ban Kamyk ? Hi is not me... Neo kid l2p and show me evidence of hax


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5:33pm Nov 17th 12



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8:10pm Nov 17th 12

Ok, problem solved he is from my city, he has the same internet. That's why im banned. And now how can I proof that I'm isnt him? Maybe i should call my interet provider to change my ip? Is it enough?


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11:18pm Nov 17th 12