WITHACK.NeverQuit BlaZeE

WITHACK.NeverQuit BlaZeE

WITHACK.NeverQuit BlaZeE

Thread started by dav3 on Sunday, 4:27pm October 14th with 4 replies. Views: 2,879


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4:27pm Oct 14th 12

Hey CG!

I'm just find out that famous "BlaZeE" from the famous "WITHACK" team is banned on his old CoD4 GUID.

Here you can see his old guid(s)


If you check the guid on GV's eyedent, you can see that his guid is banned:


I'm also check the ip adress from GV-Eyedent, and guess what? The following IP address is from Hungary:


Also BlaZeE is from Hungary, from the same city as the IP address says (Hungary, 2120 - is the Zipcode for state "Pest", and City "Vac" i guess):


Also, if you check his CB profile, you can see he is returned while banned, for "Cheating (aimbot, wallhack, spiked models, ...)"


He is banned on his old guid, and almost every team WITHACK playing with, asking for BlaZeE's demo (?!)


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4:32pm Oct 14th 12

ban him , ban stripzz for "playing with known cheater" = PLAY FAIR ADMINS!


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4:32pm Oct 14th 12

and unban me , more proves are coming :))))


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4:36pm Oct 14th 12

The ban is 3 years old. Thread locked.


You can open a ticket for more info about your ban.


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6:57pm Oct 14th 12

First of all, this is a 3 years old BAN.
Second of all, if you would know what to do, you would check the Ban page, where it shows WHO banned that key. Which is clearly not blaze, he just used it.

And maksonja,i would say something nasty but it would be so unprofessional.
F*** of*