CGa: KIZ eSports vs TEAM KAAY-...

CGa: KIZ eSports vs TEAM KAAY-Esport

CGa: KIZ eSports vs TEAM KAAY-Esport

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10:56am Jun 5th 12 and edited 12:50pm Jun 5th 12

Teams: KIZ eSports vs TEAM KAAY-Esport
Score: 13 - 4
Date: 9:00pm Monday the 4th of June 2012
Map: mp_crash
CyberGamer Competition: CyberGamer TteSports Amateur Ladder - View Match Details
Demo: Download N.eo's Demo!
Demo: Download Lems's Demo!

KIZ eSportsTEAM KAAY-Esport

Half time screenshot:
Full time screenshot:
Screenshot #3:

At first, a player with a ggc ban joined the game, later on, the enemies left @ 13-4. Could you enter the result please?


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1:31pm Jun 6th 12

admins please enter the result


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