CyberGamer Turns 5!

CyberGamer Turns 5!

CyberGamer Turns 5!

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5:30pm Apr 8th 12

Today, CyberGamer turns 5! It's been a huge year for the CG.

Here is a PDF of our stats for the month of March. For a comparison, last years stats can be viewed here. Notably the website is viewed by roughly 185,000 different people each month.

CyberGamer Europe was launched July 25th 2011, and has picked up 13,500 members. Their 2nd COD4 season finished with over 12,000 matches completed and over 800 teams on the Ladder.

CSS Nationals ran January 28th-29th. In February we partnered with AMD and moved the website to two new servers.

Other notable events in the last year:
- Total members network-wide has risen from 120,000 registered members to 173,000.
- CG AU XBOX hit 50,000 members and CG AU PS3 hit 15,000 members
- 55,000 matches were played.
- Paid out over $60,000 in prize money.
- Website was viewed by 1.9 million unique visitors in the last 365 days according to Google Analytics.
- Improvements to the ladder and permissions systems.

Development changelog for the site can be viewed here.

We'd like to thank all of the admins, moderators, referees, content writers, shoutcasters and others who put in their time to make CG what it is, without you the site would be nothing :). We'd also like to thank all of the CG Premium users who help support the website.

Additionally, if any admin group out there is interested in restarting the CG USA website, send me a PM. You will need to have multiple experienced admins on board.

Finally, we've been working on the 5th version of the website for the past 9 months, which has already exceeded the development time of each of the previous releases of the site, including the initial release. It'll be ready sometime in the next few months! Until then, enjoy this background:



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5:31pm Apr 8th 12

Congrats CG you amazing thing.


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5:31pm Apr 8th 12



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5:32pm Apr 8th 12

Yay. Congrats


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5:32pm Apr 8th 12

keen for the new version.

congrats on 5 years i guess?
thank you asterix for making it happen.


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5:32pm Apr 8th 12

Awesome work CyberGamer!

BIG 5!

Can't wait to see the new website!


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5:33pm Apr 8th 12

had no clue how big it is EU


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5:33pm Apr 8th 12

Well done.


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5:34pm Apr 8th 12

Wow the European site is booming! Great to see CG evolve and great to know Ive been here from the start


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5:34pm Apr 8th 12

Such a great job guys, keep it up :-)

Happy Birthday ;-)


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5:35pm Apr 8th 12

Those statistics in the PDF are fucken huge lol

Grats cg, looking forward to v5.


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5:35pm Apr 8th 12

Good stuff Asterix

<3 Happy B-Day CG <3

Anyway we could have a sneak peak preview of the new version ? Please


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5:35pm Apr 8th 12

Happy Birthday CG, congrats!


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5:35pm Apr 8th 12

Congratz CG. Expanding so quickly.


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5:35pm Apr 8th 12

As with all CyberGamer birthday threads, I present to you; a cake!

[SPOILER=SPOILER: Click to view]It is not a lie.[/SPOILER]