How do i accept a friends requ...

How do i accept a friends request?

How do i accept a friends request?

Thread started by promodxHizzy on Sunday, 5:59pm March 25th with 4 replies. Views: 4,741


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5:59pm Mar 25th 12

A friend of mine has added me, but i have not had anything come up, cant find it anywhere;
Please help!


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10:15pm Mar 25th 12

It'll be in your notifications.


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7:49pm Aug 26th 12

I have the same problem i cant find anything that says notifications?


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12:29am Jul 10th 18

I've looked at my notifications but it says that there are none. my friend also says they have added me but I can't see it anywhere how do I add them instead?


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11:06pm Jan 20th 19 - in reply to Arthurgraeme48's post

same problem