New CyberGamer Updates! - CG V...

New CyberGamer Updates! - CG V2.0

New CyberGamer Updates! - CG V2.0

Thread started by [email protected]! on Thursday, 7:26pm July 3rd with 68 replies. Views: 43,757

7:26pm Jul 3rd 08

Hey Guys, as you may have noticed we have implemented CyberGamer's first large visual and navigational update since its release well over a year ago! Changes have been made to the way the front page can be used, we now have clearer lists of the various activities our users have been undertaking as well as a section showing recent videos that have been streamed live from the site! Finally visual upgrades have been made to both the top and left hand side navigational menus.

Hope you guys enjoy the changes, if there are any problems, please hard refresh your browser, if the problem persists, please don't hesitate to PM either myself or Asterix.

[email protected]


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7:27pm Jul 3rd 08

Nearly all of the video files in the File Library are now streamable:


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7:30pm Jul 3rd 08

looks hot


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7:34pm Jul 3rd 08

love it! love the stream! ty cg!


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7:44pm Jul 3rd 08

2g boys wd.


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7:53pm Jul 3rd 08

Awesome job guys


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7:57pm Jul 3rd 08

oh holy shit, this looks friggen insane!

ast and snap maSS frothers


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8:28pm Jul 3rd 08

i thought something looked a bit different


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8:30pm Jul 3rd 08

lol they do there work at 4am


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9:45pm Jul 3rd 08

Incase something goes terribly wrong!


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9:48pm Jul 3rd 08

nice work jeremy and i think its safe to say snap... haha


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9:53pm Jul 3rd 08

awesome, looks mint.


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10:20pm Jul 3rd 08

Oh for god sake now people will think Snap actually contributes to CG.


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11:26pm Jul 3rd 08

wow, can't wait for sc2!


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11:58pm Jul 3rd 08

I think there's something wrong with mine..
seems like the site hasn't properly loaded.

Forum section works, homepage just looks messy.