AMD Partner with CyberGamer

AMD Partner with CyberGamer

AMD Partner with CyberGamer

Thread started by LegacyAdmin on Thursday, 4:27am February 23rd with 170 replies. Views: 82,853


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4:27am Feb 23rd 12

Hello everyone, we're happy to announce that AMD have partnered with CyberGamer. They will be helping us to pay for the significant server costs that come with running a website of this size.

We'll have more to announce over the coming weeks and months, but in the mean time we have an AMD 3870 APU to provide to one lucky user to celebrate the launch. All you need to do is tell us why you think you deserve this great prize in the thread below!

Thanks everyone.


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4:29am Feb 23rd 12

yay congratz Cybergamer this should help out alot


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4:31am Feb 23rd 12

Wow, awesome stuff! I can't convince nor persuade you guys to give me the AMD 3870 APU, but I can tell you now I would benefit from it. Why? Well to be honest, I've always been interested in PC gaming but have never had the chance, due to poor specs & lack of finances. This limits my opportunities, to everything but slim to none. So help out a fellow member of the eSports community, give me a chance to compete.


Thanks to AMD for partnering with CyberGamer!

TheOne :)

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4:31am Feb 23rd 12

yay. hopefully no more server crashes


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4:32am Feb 23rd 12

Nice move CG


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4:32am Feb 23rd 12

nice one!


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4:33am Feb 23rd 12

Wooot, go CG and <3 AMD

i don't want the AMD 3870 APU, i need it, my computer struggles to run google :/


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4:33am Feb 23rd 12

Awesome news for both CyberGamer and AMD.


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4:33am Feb 23rd 12


Nice work CG and Congrats


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4:34am Feb 23rd 12

Also, the new banner at the top looks sick with the AMD logo! Nice work!


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4:35am Feb 23rd 12

Nice work Jeremy and co acquiring the deal. Step in the right direction!


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4:35am Feb 23rd 12

I need the AMD 3870 APU to give me the edge I need to win and keep on winning!


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4:36am Feb 23rd 12

Congratulations CG.


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4:37am Feb 23rd 12

Good to see, any improvement for CG is an improvement for the whole community!
I would love the AMD 3870 APU because I have just recently started uni and will need it to bludge my way through with some 'quality study', in other words more game time!


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4:38am Feb 23rd 12 and edited 5:15am Feb 23rd 12

Congrats CG <3

PS: I'm building a new PC, well Talnoy will have to help me ;P
i need all the parts i can get to have a beastly computer, because this one i have no is a piece of shit ;(