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5:33pm Feb 22nd 12

Just a little peak at something I put together today...,dU1k0#1,dU1k0

If I keep working on this, my main focus will be the layout, so the map will probably look like crap for a while.

Also after doing the paths, I noticed I kinda have 2 going middle, but I think it could work. : )


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9:20pm Feb 22nd 12

Looks good man. Will be watching your progress on this!


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10:19pm Feb 22nd 12

cant wait would love to try beta, netsky will need a server for this


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8:33am Feb 23rd 12

Find it kinda hard to see how the map is going to look like at this point. But good luck and i will see it when its done.


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9:45am Feb 23rd 12

headbutt a brick you fucking dropkick


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1:56pm Feb 23rd 12

Looks good, only thing I think looks a bit off is the way Attack can reach B bomsite. It's either through the open middle way or the side, which also looks really open.


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3:07pm Feb 23rd 12

Yea, I guess the main idea with B was to make it crash like, also adding more objects will probably help with the open feel.

My buddy athan ran through the map and didn't love it, so I'm probably going to put him in charge of the layout. : )


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3:13pm Feb 23rd 12

sup with cluster?


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3:18pm Feb 23rd 12

sup with cluster?

Quote from panix on the 23rd of February 2012

I think you could say cluster is out of the question, it isn't being played. Not sure if it is because people don't want to put in the effort or, in my case, people don't like the map.

OT: The lay-out looks OK, but it just feels that for Attack the scope/ak can rush up the middle and cut off the Defenders going to A whilst the SMG's rush A/Mid. Just my 0.02 cents.


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5:05pm Feb 23rd 12

Yes, cluster is finished. I don't think there's anything more I can do to that map.

Thanks for your cents Suoiciv. : )


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8:26pm Feb 24th 12 and edited 8:39pm Feb 24th 12

A couple of mapping videos for you guys:

The first one is an A bomb site I made, but I don't think I'm going to use it because it's too deserty.
The second one is my buddie athans design, it's mainly the attack side.


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11:31pm Feb 26th 12

Looking forward to it


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7:35pm Feb 27th 12

Looks fun.