New Map Ideas

New Map Ideas

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I'm currently in the progress of creating a new map for CoD4. I want to take inspiration and replicate the best things from all the great CoD4 maps, to make the map as enjoyable and competitive as possible. The map will be created solely with SND in mind, obviously.

So I want the community's thoughts, ideas, and opinions on the things they love and hate about the current maps; what's your favourite map, favourite parts of maps, what do you hate, and most importantly, why?

Be them good or bad, things like for example: Crash B alley/scope battles, Citystreets market, or the long range scope buildings on Crossfire.

Feel free to include any maps from other CoD titles as well.

Please go into detail if you can, and post screens if you can be bothered

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Posted this on AU forums.
A general idea could be to design a map where it is designed in such a way that the attacking team must make more of a pre-determined commitment to a single bombsite. Ie. a map that focuses less on pick and choose tactics.

To make a competitive balance for such a map you would have to do the following:
Make both bombsites equally achievable for the attacking side. (unlike most cod4 maps)
Make the defence of each site easier than the attacking side. (so that say 2 defenders could defend against a simultaneous 4-5 man attack)
Make it so the defence side are more easily able to rotate from each site.

The latter would probably be better for two reasons. One is that it would force more teamwork from both sides e.g, (Omg there attacking a from poopy-head road come help guys and get them from derp rooftop of w/e)
And 2 it would make for a more face paced and intense game as speed is key for the attacking side to take a bombsite before the other defenders can rotate.

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durrrrrr speak the truth .