Thanks CG

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7:04am Aug 24th 11

Hey I upgraded to premium and for once I don't feel like I've wast3d my money.
The website is awesome everything is so well designed... easy and clean, and the pug system is sick!

I gota say a big thanks to all the people behind this whom I'm sure put in a LOT of hard work creating this awesome community and maintaining it. I only wish I had found out about it sooner!!!



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12:17am Aug 26th 11

No problem bro.

We'll keep doing our best to maintain the site as well as get multiple ladders/leagues up & running.


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12:27am Aug 27th 11

Yeah, I too knew this was an epic site despite only being a member for a week or so now.

But I wanted to help the development of this site by making a contribution. I've only started off with 1 month, but I think I will take out a full 3 or 6 months if i can :D

keep up the grea job guys


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9:05am Aug 27th 11

Goodluck European side! hope you guys develop like the AU side has.


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12:31am Aug 28th 11

Goodluck European side! hope you guys develop like the AU side has.

Quote from 'Fadissa on the 27th of August 2011

I'm sure its only a matter of time


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3:08am Aug 28th 11

Us Europeans are some of the most advanced "eans" in the world therefore You aussies got nothing on us XD


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9:17am Sep 6th 11

As long as you guys can keep the community from transforming into some kind of Tek-9 like community it is definitely going to rock.

I went for a one year subscription.


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5:55pm Sep 6th 11

I will be Re subscribing at the end of every month, because I don't want to speand so much money at one time... Even though the one year sub works out cheaper.

Still Glad to contribute though