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CyberGamer Changelog

CyberGamer Changelog

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This thread will serve as a public development changelog for CyberGamer, the most recent changes will be at the bottom. Only major changes prior to July 2011 are documented here. Relatively minor changes may or may not be documented. Most admin changes will be omitted. If you have found a bug or want to request a feature, please open a "management" support ticket. If you are a staff member you may create a job and tag it as Web Design/Dev.

April 9th 2007:
-Released CyberGamer V1.0

July 4th 2008:
-Released CyberGamer V2.0

February 1st 2010:
-Released CyberGamer V3.0

January 31st 2011:
-Released CyberGamer V4.0

July 1st 2011:
-Added optional IP Authentication to user profiles, sends re-authentication email to user each time their IP changes.
-Improved "New private message" bubble that appears above smartbar to show who it is from.

July 8th 2011:
-Added facebook Like plugin to right column
-Fixed CSS Source TV demo syncer
-Re-wrote entire "Match Setup" script to handle 50+ matches being setup at once.
-Added ability for captains to have the site re-setup the match server for the first 5~ minutes of a match on the match details page
-Added "Platform PUG Admin" staff rank
-Added "Platform Support Admin" staff rank
-Improved ban/admin listing on PUG pages

July 15th 2011:
-Fixed issue with avatars/portraits
-User profile link auto entered in support tickets for report user
-Matchdetails admin improvements
-fixed konami code issue on mobiles
-Add "psn id's" & "previous psn id's" to the search feature for admins.

July 16th 2011:
-added extra row on homepage "48 hour stat" box
-added "Ready Up" to smartbar bubble for PUGs
-New posts in support tickets auto appear if something is posted while you are viewing the ticket.
-Improved offline gameserver detection for game admins
-Fixed issue where team members of an organisation would receive unnecessary notifications about other teams in their organisation.

July 20th 2011:
-Various International fixes/improvements for EU website
-Fixed buddy list sometimes not updating properly when adding/removing buddies
-Fixed various icons using the old website style
-Added admin link to the top right :)

July 25th 2011:
-Release CyberGamer Europe website

July 27th 2011:
-Removed Recruiting threads from appearing in the "latest activity' on the homepage
-Added members online recently next to team names on the ladders, very helpful for turbo ladders.
-Improved Ladder Turbo mode
-Fixed "in active pug" issue
-Added ability for ladders to allow teams to have more than 1 challenge going at once for "Points" ladders.

August 2nd 2011:
-Changed "Points ladders" to have the option to allow teams to challenge more than 1 team at a time. Currently used for all EU ladders.
-Changed "Points ladders" to allow teams to challenge any team that is within 15 points regardless of rank (necessary for the starting of a new ladder).
-Added the option to ladders for the challenger to choose X map(s) upon challenging, then the defending team is prompted to choose X map(s), all maps chosen are then played. Currently used for all EU ladders.
-Fix issue of Ladder match interrupting a PUG unnecessarily
-Various EU admin improvements
-Changed Points ladders to allow teams to decline a match without forfeiting (completely cancels the match).
-Improved notifications SmartBar system, most notifications will either disappear once read or remain transparent and shown for 24 hours, more important notifications will remain longer.
-Changed Total Members count in the right column to show just the count from the site you are viewing, not the overall total, hover to see site-wide total.
-Changed article admin slightly so that the article writer can moderate the comments of their article for 24 hours.
-Added "ready for match" option to all ladders that use the "Turbo" mode, remains active for 15 minutes after team tags themselves as "ready" and appears in the LF Scrim/Match part of the SmartBar and next to your name on the ladder.

August 5th 2011:
-Improved GUID/STEAMID Scanning System
-Improved Content Delivery Network, files from the website should download from the nearest server to your location, should be greatly improved for AU and EU members.
-Added "Account is inactive" label to accounts that have not been online in over a year, may actually de-activate them sometime in the future.
-Receiving a matchban will also disable the ability for the user to change certain parts of their profile (username/gamertag/psn id etc)
-Removed the time delay on gamertag/psn id changes. All changes are logged, changes will be locked if they make to many in quick succession.
-Fixed issue where PUGs could get to 11/10 players if the 10th/11th user was invited by an admin.
-Added AU/EU as separate match bans, any EU admin can give an AU or EU user a "EU Match Ban" etc.
-Made the right columns "Latest Threads" have a switcher to "Latest Posts", it will remain on whatever one you leave it on.

August 8th 2011:
-In "Points Ladders" teams now lose some points for losing a match, your team should be able to still easily increase in points if you win roughly a third of your matches on average, winning roughly 1/4 should still be possible to move up if you're playing decent teams.
-You may now add &cgwidth=715&cgheight=600 etc to the end of youtube URLs in the forums and other pages. Max width in the forums is 715, other pages may be higher (both variables must be set). Will disable the ability for normal posts and just leave it for the OP if this gets abused too often.
-Improved team admin features.
-Fixed short article description (whats shown on the homepage) to be properly editable for thread articles.
-Various <title> changes

August 14th 2011:
-Added additional setting to ladder/games to allow players to be in more than 1 team. Intended for more casual ladders.
-When teams click to join a leagues waiting pool they are now prompted to confirm they are able to pay the required entry fee.
-Admins can lock team changes properly for teams competing in leagues. Should stop players making any roster changes (apply/invite/remove), only changing their ranks from member to captain etc should work
-Fixed issue with organisation managers not being able to post in match details chat for their teams.
-Added recently created threads to "recent activity" on profile page
-Added recent/active bans to "recent activity" on profile page

August 20th 2011:
-Upgraded permissions system to allow permissions to be grouped into "Staff Roles"
-Matches that are not accepted by the other team in "Points Ladders" do not give the winner any points, but will still show as a 'win' in their team history.
-Cancelling a completed points ladder match will remove the points won/lost from the teams correctly, re-instating the match after will reverse them.

August 25th 2011:
-Added ability for premium members to choose to use the normal size sig if they wish.
-added [twitchtv ]mennacefps[ /twitchtv] as bbcode for embedding streams, just their channel name is required.
-added [own3dtv ]69930[ /own3dtv] as bbcode for streams

September 5th 2011:
-Buddy positions are now changeable again.
-Game Icons can now be changed by admins
-Make this my default game button works properly now.

September 19th 2011:
-Fixed Hidden/removed game team directories from appearing, while the "team" page will still work.
-Improved merge account process for user staff roles.

September 27th 2011:
-Added complete team/player list to ladder page for admins.
-Added country flags to forums/team/organisation/profile pages
-Various EU changes
-Added [indent] bbcode
-Fixed up points/played column on league pages
-Added "Show" button to ladder/league page for teams in more than one match at a time

September 30th 2011:
-Added feature to "Points Ladders" that reduces the points gained to very active teams, a warning is also displayed at the top of the ladder to teams if their points are being reduced for playing to many.
-Matchdetails page for PC games that use servers will now show a warning if the server is detected as offline.

October 8th 2011:
-Various SEO improvements
-Added "Similar/duplicate thread warning" when creating threads with youtube links in them.
-Fixed failed to load ticket # appearing when it shouldn't in support system.

October 21st 2011:
-Added more poll options in forum threads.
-Users now need to validate their email address before they can compete in PUGs.
-Added new option to the pugbot for pug creators/admins which allows them to only let users join if they've been registered for more than X months.

October 27th 2011:
-Improved match warnings that appear at the top of every page when you have an upcoming/recent match that requires action.
-Changed editing a forum post to not show the posts from the thread on the same page.
-Change admin support section to show more info on disputes.

November 12th 2011:
-Improved Recent Results on game homepages.
-Changed default posts per page from 15 to 25
-Fixed ladder team inactivity check.
-Added ability to leave teams from your user profile page rather than from the team profile page.

November 18th 2011:
-Added ability for Premium users to set a 2nd/3rd avatar, which are go into a rotation.

November 27th 2011:
-FFA PUG System
-Various improvements to chat systems
-Added a "Can use Merge" permission

December 8th 2011:
-Added "Challenge" button to team pages.
-Improved LF Scrim/Match system in SmartBar
-Various ladder changes for EU.
-Added ability to cancel a challenge if the opposing team hasn't accepted yet, handy if you challenge an inactive team.
-Changed "unread post" type buttons in the forums to link to their own page rather than loading via ajax.

December 14th 2011:
-Added the ELO Rating System as an option for the ladders to be ranked off, is an alternative to the points system for ladders. Especially good for ladders that wish to have multiple challenges at once.
-Improved the system that handles completing matches/disputes for the ladder.
-Improved refs can see team chat admin options.

January 2nd 2012:
-Added list of "Likes" to the forums, allows you to view who has "Liked" your forum posts. Also added to the SmartBar notifications. Option to disable Likes in your notifications is available in your profile page.
-PUG Bot properly promotes pug admins to channel admins again.
-Added option to disable forum avatars on your profile page
-Added "Core5" system to the team/matchdetails pages, once enabled by an admin, teams are able to set their "core 5" (or any other amount). These players are then shown as "Core Members", during matches it is expected that 75%~ of your players to the match must come from your "core". Teams are given a set number of "core changes", which decrease by one each time they add/change a core member, admins have the ability to increase every teams "core changes" by X whenever they wish, they also may manually increase individual teams. They also can reset all teams to 0 or 1 etc etc.
-Posts in the team chat/dispute chat on matchdetails pages are emailed to users again.
-Added Wildcard system to ladder/league. Once enabled by an admin, teams have the option on the matchdetails pages to "use a wildcard to reschedule the match"
-Improved GUID/STEAM ID Scanner to run more often.
-Created form for users to suggest a post for our facebook wall, requires approval by head admin to appear.

January 19th 2012:
-Fixed bug with disabling team or ladder/league changes.
-Separated several forum sections from shared sections to one for each platform.
-Removed most "recruiting" and "looking for scrim" threads from appearing on the homepage latest activity.
-Dns/backend/nginx changes
-You can now do [teamlist=centre]blah to centre each column of the teamlist, and then a [centre] around it to centre the overall table if you wish.

February 7th 2012:
-Major backend changes to every PHP file on the site to improve performance and stability.
-Improved several admin drop down options to load via ajax instead of slowing down the page unnecessarily.

February 21st 2012:
-Moved website to two new boxes for far better performance
-Have fixed most bugs from the recent major backend update

April 2nd 2012:
-Fixed past results on team pages to show cancelled/declined matches
-Fixed admin user access issue

April 19th 2012
-Added Twitch TV and Own3D URL fields to user profiles in "Fun Facts", adding a valid URL will add it to the User Streams in the right column as well as here.
-Fixed ELO ladders not allowing users to challenge teams below them.
-Modified CSS RCON Script
-Improved In-eligible check

May 3rd 2012
-On your own profile page you may view a google map of your recent login locations.
-Fixed Platform ban permission not working properly.
-Rebuilt Admin backend for staff applications system.
-Ordered LFS area by time added...
-Made both teams auto remove from LFS after a match has been accepted.

June 6th 2012
-Re-wrote Server Setup Scripts from scratch, faster and more redundant.

July 3rd 2012
-Synced ancient demos from 2007-2009~ to CDN.

July 10th 2012
-Sorted own3d stream issues
-Teams have slightly longer to enter scores now, significantly longer if your match was played quite late at night.
-If no score is entered for either team for ELO competitions the match will be cancelled rather than entering a dispute (same as if the other team doesn't accept the match in time).
-Added RSS Upcoming matches feed, viewable with following URLs:

August 2nd 2012
-Match disputes can now be resolved by either team if they choose to accept the score submitted by the opposing team.

November 5th 2012
-Fixed issue with disallowing team changes in ladder teams and in non-competing teams
-Added ability to have ladders that teams are unable to join without being moved by an admin.

November 25th 2012
-Added ability for admins of ELO ladders to set an amount of points that teams lose when declining
-Fixed "Ladder - min required different days:" from being ignored on turbo ladders.

February 9th 2013
-quick connect sorted for chivalry
-added support tickets posted in on profile pages (in addition to tickets opened)
-Archived Forums hidden on forum index
-CG Tournament page fixed
-Sponsors (admin fix)
-Fixed pug not to auto-end on no servers for NS2

March 20th 2013
-User profile ajax fix
-Added MOH:Allied Assault Anti Cheat ID on profile pages

March 30th 2013
- CF hosting/cdn changes