CyberGamer Turns 4!

CyberGamer Turns 4!

CyberGamer Turns 4!

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7:16am Apr 9th 11

Today CyberGamer turns 4! It has been another big year for CyberGamer with the recent release of the 4th iteration of our website a couple of months ago. With this release we significantly improved and streamlined the general layout and function of the core features of the website. We also added CyberGamer TV to the CG Network, which is doing really well. If you haven't already checked out Tobi & Pandan's stream head on over to to see when they next go live!

This time last year we had 77,000 members, we now have over 120,000. For more stats, check out the google analytics PDF for the last month. (We're down around 20% thanks to the recent DDoS attacks against CyberGamer).

We have a couple of big things in store over the next few months and we are working on many features and improvements to the website since upgrading to version 4. More info soon!

On this special day, we'd like to give a very big thanks to all the administrators and moderators who put their time and effort into the community, without you guys CG would be nothing and we all can't thank you all enough! Also a big shoutout to all our Premium members - you guys are helping us so much and we'd just like to thank you all!

Finally, while all the growth of CyberGamer is great, we're not done yet! We want to continue to grow and develop E-Sports in Australia & internationally for many years to come. So we'd like to ask our members to spread the word, tell your friends, your family - educate everyone about E-Sports and why its so damn awesome! With more people comes bigger & better competitions, bigger prizes and more possibilities.



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Happy bday CG


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7:18am Apr 9th 11

Congratz CG !!

Well done guys


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7:18am Apr 9th 11

Awesome! Another year will see 200,000 members no doubt, grats to both snap and aster on making this site the way it is


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7:18am Apr 9th 11

Happy Birthday CG


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7:19am Apr 9th 11

Thanks for keeping e-sports alive. keep on keep on keeping on, ow and happy b-day


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7:19am Apr 9th 11

Yay CG !!!

Happy B'day.


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7:19am Apr 9th 11

CG has come a long wayy well done staff team


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7:19am Apr 9th 11


Now to break 200,000 member mark.


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7:20am Apr 9th 11

Well done guys!


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7:20am Apr 9th 11



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7:20am Apr 9th 11

Happy Birthday

We Need CAKE!


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7:20am Apr 9th 11

happy 4th bday CG

happy 54th bday to my old man

have a great day


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7:22am Apr 9th 11

^ HA