CyberGamer v4.0

CyberGamer v4.0

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10:47am Jan 31st 11

Hi Guys!, we're very happy to welcome you all to CyberGamer v4.0! We've spent the last 4+ months working on this new version and despite not the smoothest release on record, we're very happy with how it's come up!

Our goal with this release was to make CyberGamer more manageable from a design and development perspective, more user friendly and easier to understand for new users and to be more suited to be viewed from phones and other handheld devices. We've done away with the dark and image heavy design of v3.0 and cut the site back to a far more neat and streamlined design.

While the new design and streamlining was the starting point of CG v4.0, we took the opportunity to develop a whole heap of new features to come with the new version. Primarily we've put a load of work into re-developing the toolbar at the bottom of your screen. We took the advice of people from the community and scrapped the idea of the 'Live Chat' and moved it out onto specific pages where it can be used more easily and has relevance in context with each page.

You'll be happy to hear we've developed a new PUG Bot system to replace the temporary one that we threw together in the Live Chat. Each PUG now has its own dedicated page with a live chat so we expect there to be many GGs well into the future. We also expect to be vastly improving the system as we go.
Hmm what else. We brought back the Gallery! Start submitting pics from LANs and events from around Aus and get that collection rolling.

Saving the best for last! We've developed a brand new integrated IM system that will allow you to chat with your mates from your 'Buddy' lists whenever they're online. We're hoping this will help everyone organise scrims and just keep in touch whenever you're on CG.

We've also created a self service advertising system to allow interested users/groups to advertise on our website easily :)

There are of course a boatload of undocumented changes that I've completely forgotten about but I'll leave it there. Go explore and if you find any of those pesky bugs let either myself or Jeremy know about it. We're sure there are quite a few :)

Oh and I'm aware of the icon issues!
Any other problems let us know.

Thanks guys and enjoy!


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Well done guys!


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Yeh CG! first public post owned


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Well done guys, Looks really awsome.


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good stuff


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selling account


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i love aster&snap


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Looks good bro.


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Niceeee guys.
Looks sweet.