CyberGamer's 2nd Birthday!

CyberGamer's 2nd Birthday!

CyberGamer's 2nd Birthday!

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4:58pm Apr 8th 09

CyberGamer has turned 2 years old!

Two years ago - on the 9th of April 2007, Asterix and I unleashed CyberGamer upon the online gaming scene of Australia. At the time, player bases from various games were scattered around multiple forums with the GameArena ladder system being the only competitive platform for Australians to participate on.

When we released CyberGamer, we offered never-seen-before features in Australian online gaming. From the first day, we offered 'Live Chats' - a place to talk to other gamers and find other teams to play against. 'Web Pug Bots' - an Australian first. Players could organise random 'Pick Up Games' and have the site automatically set up the server and teams. We supplied our own forum and ladder software designed from the ground up and written for the pure purpose of online gaming. All these features on release were meant to give players from any game a reason to come and check out what we had to offer. By attempting what no other website had done before, we hoped to unify Australia's online scene and build up a strong community.

Two years later we've got 20,000 members strong... wait make that 21,000. Crikey, we're moving along fast now. The reason for our growth is not purely because of what Asterix and I have done and are doing, as some of you have noticed we have had to fortune of introducing two new major staff members to CG, Richard Lawes and Riley James.

Richard or 'Talnoy' has been spearheading CyberGamer's marketing and business partnerships. His efforts have so far been amazing. Marketing was a big problem at CG and since 'Talnoy' stepped up we're now seeing new opportunities open up almost weekly it seems.

Riley or 'RJ Aus' founded CyberGamer's XBOX360 platform. He has single handedly built up our XBOX community and admin team, we're just amazed at how much we've seen the platform grow and grow. It's got the point now that our green friends now rack up over 25% of CyberGamer's hits... frothing!

From this point forward, we've still got much in store for everyone here at CG. With our current size and growth rate doors are beginning to swing wide open as far as sponsorships and other opportunities are concerned. We've got some very exciting prospects lined up, some of which you will notice in the coming weeks.

Finally, we'd like to thank everyone for their continuing support and to everyone who has donated to CG - we very much appreciate it, you don't realise how much it helps us out!

[email protected]! & Asterix


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4:59pm Apr 8th 09


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5:02pm Apr 8th 09

: D


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5:02pm Apr 8th 09

Happy Birthday CyberGamer! <3

Damn it krit, you beat me!


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5:04pm Apr 8th 09

happy birthday cg


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5:05pm Apr 8th 09

happy birthday cg :)

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5:09pm Apr 8th 09

keep it up guys.. one day we'll see prizes


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5:11pm Apr 8th 09

Happy Birthday. :D
Hopefully it continues growing just as strongly...

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5:13pm Apr 8th 09

happy birthday cg :)

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5:14pm Apr 8th 09

Happy birssssday

50,000 members by your 3rd?


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5:16pm Apr 8th 09

well done everyone !


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5:27pm Apr 8th 09

geez 2 years went fast


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5:29pm Apr 8th 09


GG on the concept aster and [email protected] and big kudos to riley too (rjaus) his solo setup on xbox360 has been pretty epic.

Memorable moment: trying to convince teek that free stickers for kids is a valid sales idea for a business


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5:30pm Apr 8th 09

Keep it up boys!


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5:36pm Apr 8th 09

happy b'day cg & excellent work guys

party imo 2nite on cg vent