Season 4 2019: Project Cars 2 Summer Series 2019

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Start Date:

November 6th 2019

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General info

Welcome to LPL Project Cars 2 Summer Series 2019!

Tournament Information:
LPL are proud to announce an end of year tournament for all LPL PC2 users with a $1,000 prize pool. As this tournament will be a standalone tournament to celebrate the end of years, this tournament will NOT affect current placements, placements will be on hold until further notice in 2020.

Entry Requirements:
Free for all LPL users to join. No LPL Premium required.

The tournament is split into two stages: Qualifiers and Playoffs.

$400 Qualifiers:
Every Thursday at 6PM AEDT for five weeks, users will race one another to accumulate points, with the “Driver of the Night**” racer earning $80* each week. The top 16 racers, with the most accumulated points at the end of the Qualifiers, will proceed to the Top 16 Grand Finals.

*If there are more than 20 players signed up, they will be split into even groups every week and as a result, split the $80 across all groups each week evenly. If there is more than one group, the top 16 will be the top 16 players overall across both groups.
**Driver of the Night is chosen via community vote in the LPL Community Discord in #project-cars-2

$600 Top 16 Grand Finals:
On Thursday 12th December 6PM AEDT, the top 16 racers from the Qualifiers stage will race against each other

Rules are found here:

Register here:

Key Dates:
Tournament Week 1 - Thursday 7th November 6PM AEDT
Tournament Week 2 - Thursday 14th November 6PM AEDT
Tournament Week 3 - Thursday 21st November 6PM AEDT
Tournament Week 4 - Thursday 28th November 6PM AEDT
Tournament Week 5 - Thursday 5th December 6 PM AEDT
Tournament Grand Finals - Thursday 12th December 6PM AEDT

Connect with us
On behalf of the entire LPL Admin Team, we would like to wish everyone competing the best of luck! For any questions, please do not hesitate to ask by either posting in the forums or contacting an admin via Support Ticket. Alternatively, you can join the LPL Community Discord.

Many Thanks,
LPL Admin Team

More Information

Tracks & Cars:
Tournament Week 1
Season: Summer
Car: M3 GT4 E92
Track 1: Zolder - ~20mins (8 LAPS) - Clear
Track 2: Zolder - ~20mins (8 LAPS) - Light Cloud
Track 3: Zolder - ~40mins (17 LAPS) - Medium Cloud

Tournament Week 2
Season: Winter
Car: Caterham Seven 620 R
Track 1: Oulton Park Island - ~20mins (10 LAPS) - Fog With Rain
Track 2: Oulton Park Island - ~20mins (11 LAPS) - Fog
Track 3: Oulton Park Island - ~40mins (21 LAPS) - Overcast

Tournament Week 3
Season: Spring
Car: Ferrari F40 LM
Track 1: Barcelona Catalunya - ~20mins (LAPS TBA) - Clear
Track 2: Barcelona Catalunya - ~20mins (LAPS TBA) - Light Cloud
Track 3: Barcelona Catalunya - ~40mins (LAPS TBA) - Overcast

Tournament Week 4
Season: Winter
Car: Mercedes AMG A45 SMS-R Touring
Track 1: Donington Park National - ~20mins (11 LAPS) - Rain
Track 2: Donington Park National - ~20mins (12 LAPS) - Heavy Cloud
Track 3: Donington Park National - ~40mins (24 LAPS TBA) - Light Cloud

Tournament Week 5
Season: Autumn
Car: Zakspeed Capri Group 5
Track 1: Laguna Seca - ~20mins (10 LAPS) - Overcast
Track 2: Laguna Seca - ~20mins (10 LAPS) - Heavy Cloud
Track 3: Laguna Seca - ~40mins (19 LAPS) - Rain

Top 16 Grand Finals
Season: Autumn
Car: Corvette C7.R GTE
Track 1: Spa GP - ~20mins (LAPS TBA) - Heavy Cloud
Track 2: Spa GP - ~20mins (LAPS TBA) - Light Rain
Track 3: Spa GP - ~40mins (LAPS TBA) - Heavy Cloud

$400 Qualifiers

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Total

$600 Top 16 Playoffs
First PlaceSecond PlaceThird PlaceFourth PlaceFifth PlaceSixth PlaceSeventh PlaceEighth PlaceTotal

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