CGPL Season 2 CSGO Finals

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July 22nd 2017

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Cybergamer Premier League Winter (CGPL Winter) Finals

The Cybergamer Premier League Winter (CGPL Winter) Finals will celebrate the conclusion of our Counter Strike Global Offensive, Call of Duty Infinite competition in Australia.
This will be a major esports broadcast event, featuring the regions best four teams from each title.
Tickets to be part of the live studio audience includes the CGPL Community party with food and drink provided.
The event takes place on July 22nd-23rd at the Cybergamer Studios, Adelaide.

Get Your Tickets: Audience tickets are strictly limited and only available here on GoodTimeTickets:

CGPL Winter Finals: On the line is over $30,000 in cash prizes,which is part of the highly competitive 2017 CGPL season.
Watch the weekly weekly boradcasts for CS:GO each Sunday and Monday night from 7pm live on

The to two teams from each split are invited to the highly anticipated CGPL Championships to be held late November 2017

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