Season 2 2019: CS:GO Womens League

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Start Date:

May 11th 2019

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General info

The LPL Female League is an excellent opportunity for women in esports to challenge themselves and experience a taste of competitive gaming within a supportive and inclusive environment. We hope that the league will encourage a growth in the number of females competing in esports whilst providing a stable and consistent platform for women to evolve their skills.

The tournament is open to females of all skill levels. The first season will kick off on Monday, the 27th May, and will run over the course of 7-8 weeks, with the top 4 teams competing in the finals over two (2) weeks!

All players will need to have an active subscription and their steam account linked to their LPL/CyberGamer profile.

Currently the format will consist of a single (1) best of three (3) match per week.
*The League format may change depending on the number of signups.

Prize Pool
The Prize Pool will consist of $1000 that will be split between 1st - 4th.
Prize Pool may change depending on the number of signups.


More Information

If you would like to signup please use this link: and leave a note that you want to signup for the FE League.
Alternatively you can message one of the admins or send through a support ticket.

Please send @Tham a DM, create a support ticket, or chat in the discussion forum thread.

Overall Dates
Sunday 12th May - Relegation/Promotion Series begin
Sunday 12th May - MOSS Anti-Cheat Must be used
Sunday 19th May - Amateur begins
Sunday 26th May - Relegation/Promotion Series end
Monday 27th May - Evolution, Challenger and Female league begin
Thursday 30th May - LPL Pro begins
Sunday 23rd June - Amatuer rosters lock
Monday 1st July - Challenger, Evolution, Female rosters lock
Sunday 7th July - Amateur ends
Monday 8th July - Amateur finals begin
Sunday 14th July - Evolution, Challenger, LPL PRO and Female league end
Monday 15th July - Evolution, Challenger, LPL PRO and Female league finals begin
Monday 29th July - Evolution, Challenger, LPL PRO, Amateur, Female all finish

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