Season 2 2019: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Open, Amateur, Evolution, Challenger, PRO

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May 11th 2019

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General info

LPL Season 2 2019 presents CS:GO!
Admin: @Tham & @Pezza (Open, Amateur, Evolution, Challenger, PRO) @Shinya (PRO)

Welcome everyone, to CSGO with LPL. As you may have already seen here we are fast tracking our road map, and bringing you A LAN for the CSGO Pro division.

Prize Pools
Pro: $5k prize pool (Accommodation Included + $2500 per team for travel), 8 team invite division
Challenger: $3k prize pool, 8 team invite division
Evolution: $2k prize pool, 16 team invite division
Amateur: $3k prize pool, open for all players

Total: $13k AUD prize pool

In order to compete in Challenger, Evolution and Amateur, players must have an active subscription during the season.

Our intent is to introduce a pathway for the CSGO community so teams and players can be broken up into different skill groups, to provide fair games against equal opponents, while providing a way to climb those divisions until you reach the top.

FFYI (Fight for your invite)
Each season teams fight it out in order to progress to their next division. For you to qualify for Evolution, Challenger and Pro you will need to start in amateur and work your way up the divisions. Each FFYI will be held after a season concludes, and is based on the results for each division. Matches are always a BO3 and can be scheduled throughout the allocated time frame.

Sign up for amateur here:

More Information

Key Dates
Sunday 12th May - Relegation/Promotion Series begin
Sunday 12th May - MOSS Anti-Cheat Must be used
Sunday 19th May - Amateur begins
Sunday 26th May - Relegation/Promotion Series end
Monday 27th May - Evolution, Challenger and Female league begin
Thursday 30th May - LPL Pro begins
Sunday 23rd June - Amatuer rosters lock
Monday 1st July - Challenger, Evolution, Female rosters lock

Sunday 7th July - Amateur ends
Monday 8th July - Amateur finals begin
Sunday 14th July - Evolution, Challenger, LPL Pro and Female league end
Monday 15th July - Evolution, Challenger, LPL Pro and Female league finals begin
Monday 29th July - Evolution, Challenger, LPL Pro, Amateur, Female all finish

Prize Distribution
1st - $2500
2nd - $1500
3rd + 4th - $500

1st - $1250
2nd - $750
3rd + 4th - $500

1st - $800
2nd - $600
3rd + 4th - $300

1st - $750
2nd - $550
3rd + 4th - $350
5th – 8th - $250

Amateur Ladder Format
The Amateur CSGO ladder is an elo based ladder, with 3 BO1 matches assigned per 12 days.

Challenger and Evolution Format
Challenger and Evolution will be a round-robin format with a single BO3 per week. With finals concluding of the top 4 teams.

LPL is proud to be hosting season 2 of LPL Pro CS:GO after the reface of CyberGamer. The Pro Division will see the top 8 teams within the ANZ region competing in weekly BO1 games over the course of 7 weeks. Every Thursday, each team will compete in a BO1 series in a round robin format. Games will be played at 7, 8, 9 and 10PM AEST respectively. The top 4 teams at the end of the season will then proceed to Playoffs with the final 2 teams flying over the LAN Grand Finals in Auckland, New Zealand with travel* and accommodation covered by LPL.

All LPL Pro and Challenger games will be broadcast live at

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