Season 2 2019: StarCraft 2

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Open, Amateur, Challenger

Start Date:

May 12th 2019

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General info

LPL Season 2 2019 presents StarCraft 2!
Admin: @JawsOCE

Welcome everyone, to our upcoming Season 2 for StarCraft 2, with LPL.

Congratulations everyone who competed in our last season. Moving in to Season 2, we will be bringing you our first SC2 season under the LPL banner! Along with that, Amateur has been increased to 10 players.

Challenger: $1,500 prize pool, 8 player invite division
Amateur: $600 prize pool, 10 player invite division
Open: $150 prize pool, free to play, open for all players

In order to compete in Challenger and Amateur, players must have an active subscription during the season. Find it here

Open Division will keep a traditional ladder format like in previous seasons. Players update their match times and will get assigned matches based on their availability, and their elo.
Amateur division is moving to a weekly schedule where 2 matches will be played every week, and will be scheduled when both teams find a time to play.
Challenger Division will be moving to a single round robin format (rather than double like last season). Timings have been changed to be every Wednesday night from 7pm AEST, with two matches scheduled at 7pm, and another 2 scheduled at 8pm. We will be broadcasting two matches a night. These will be broadcasted live from our Studio in Sky Tower, Auckland.

Finals will be a Bo5 Single Elimination over the course of a week with players coordinating times to schedule their matches to be completed as soon as both teams are available.
Open Finals = 8 players
Amateur + Challenger Finals = 4 players

Division Breakdown

1. @ProbeSC2
2. @Seither
3. @Meomaika
4. @divine_pezz
5. @Zeetrax
7. @Yoursv2
8. @AzureSC

1. @chappysc
2. @Salivanth
3. @LightVIP
4. @syfCrimson
5. @VividSC2
6. @Luneth
7. @Rizesc
8. @Saxy
9. @RunaMok
10. @LGCPeppy

At the end of the season, the bottom 4 of Challenger verse the Top 4 of Amateur to decide who makes Challenger for Season 3. The same format is for Open, where the top 4 of Open verse the bottom 4 of Amateur to decide who makes Amateur in Season 3.

Both relegations will be double elimination bo3, seeded as per your final placings at the end of the season. For example, the 5th place in Amateur will verse the 4th place in Open in the bracket.
Players will submit their available match times for the tournament, as will their opponent, and the system will schedule the match at the earliest possible time that coincides. This will NOT be an ODC for now.

All other players are advised to sign up to Open here:

Something to note: We are considering adding a fourth division with even higher prize pools and broadcast quality. To ensure this goes ahead, get as many people playing in Open as you can! We have some big plans, and just need some big numbers to support it!

Key Dates
All divisions Begin: 15/05/2019 7:00pm AEDT
Challenger Final Match Night: 26/06/2019 7:00pm AEDT
Challenger Semi Finals: 03/07/2019 7:00pm AEDT
Challenger Grand Final: 10/07 2019 7:00pm AEDT
Open and Amateur Final Match Night:10/07/2019 11:59pm AEDT
Open and Amateur Finals: 11/07/2019 through to 21/07/2019 (Scheduled by players, not set time)

Prize Distribution

1st - $400
2nd - $300
3rd-4th - $200
5th-8th - $100

1st- $200
2nd - $130
3rd-4th - $70
5th-8th - $40

1st - $60
2nd - $40
3rd-4th - $25

Map Pool
Year Zero LE
King's Cove LE
Cyber Forest LE
Kairos Junction LE
Automaton LE
Port Aleksander LE
New Repugnancy LE

Upon May 22nd, we will remove Port Aleksander, Automaton and Year Zero and replace with Acropolis, Thunderbird, and Turbo Cruise

A full list of competition rules can be found here

Players can sign up at

Connect with Us
Discord -
Twitter -
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Facebook -
Twitch -

Feel free to ask questions or comment on the announcement forum post.

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