Season 2 2019: Clash Royale

Prize Pool:



1v1, 3v3



Start Date:

May 29th 2019

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General info

LPL Season 2 2019 presents Clash Royale!
Admin: @Jaws

Welcome everyone, to the websites first ever mobile esport. Lets Play Live are happy to announce our support of Clash Royale with both a 1v1 and a 3v3 division.

We are aiming to bring some consistent competition for players of all skill levels from seasoned players through to people who want to try their hand at competition for the first time. Players can join at any time through out the season to kick off their campaign. The ladder is open to all residents of Australia and New Zealand.

We are really excited to bring Clash Royale some competition, and plan for the game to grow. With sufficient numbers, we will introduce even more divisions to split up the skill levels and enable fair and equal matches as well as providing a pathway for players to advance through.

We are breaking up the 1v1 competition in to two sets of leagues that go over a month, both with the same prizing, rather than a longer, 2 month league.

Key Dates
30/05/2019: All Ladders Unlocks
27/06/2019: 1v1 Final Match
29/06/2019: 1v1 Finals 7:00PM AEST
01/07/2019: 1v1 Season 2 Begins
29/07/2019: All divisions final match
30/07/2019: All Finals (NOT AN ODC, matches are scheduled when both teams are available)

1v1 Open: $100 - free to play, open for all players, over 1 month (x 2)
3v3 Open: $700 - open for all players, over 2 months

Prize Distribution
1v1 Open:
1st - $75
2nd - $50
3rd - $25

3v3 Open:
1st - $200
2nd - $150
3rd-4th - $125

Ladder Format
The Clash Royale ladder is an elo based ladder. During the week teams and players will be notified to update their match times that they are available to play and the website will then match teams and players together based on coinciding selected times and elo. Teams and players will receive 3 matches per 12 days.

Matches are a standard best of 3.

More Information


This is only for the 3v3 Open ladder

Series Format
Best of Three sets. Teams must win 2 out of the 3 sets to win a match. Teams will be made up of 3 or more players. The teams will consist of 2 players who will play the 2v2 set, and 1 player who will play the 1v1 set. You may not use the same players for both of these sets. If a match reaches a third set, it is a King of the Hill format with any of the team members who choose to compete.

Set 1: 2v2 Best of Three set.
Teams must pick two players to battle it out in the first set. Teams must win 2 out of 3 games to win this set.

Set 2: 1v1 Best of Three set.
Teams must pick one player to battle it out in this second set. Teams must win 2 out of 3 games to win this set.

Set 3: 1v1 King of the Hill.
Teams must pick a maximum of 3 players on their roster to battle it out in this final set. As soon as a player loses a 1v1, they are knocked out, and another team member must step up and continue the battle while the winning player stays on. When a team has all their players knocked out, they will lose this final set.

Top 8, single elimination bracket

Teams and players will each ban a specific card for each set of games before their match begins. The bans must be submitted before the match starts on the match page. They will then have 15 minutes to create their deck before heading in to their first set.

A full list of competition rules can be found here.

Players can sign up below;

Visit the forum announcement

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