Season 2 2019: Rainbow Six Siege PC

Prize Pool:





Open, Amateur, Challenger

Start Date:

May 13th 2019

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General info

LPL Season 2 2019 presents Rainbow Six Siege PC!
Admin: @Bloodhound

LPL will be holding 3 divisions again for R6 this season: Open, Amateur & Challenger

Key Dates
Season 2 Begins: May 14th 2019
Season 2 Ends: July 2nd 2019
Finals: Weekend of July 13th & 14th 2019

PLEASE NOTE: Teams/Players may only compete in one division. Organisations may only have one team per division. Random MOSS checks will be conducted The download link & instructions on how to install can be found here; Penalties can and will apply to both individual players and teams depending on situation if files can't be produced. Please refer to the rule page for further details.

NOTE: The Weekly $120 Cups will be running as normal

Navigate to the R6S page, click 'View Ladder' on your preferred division table, and hit the blue 'Sign Up' button.

Please head to the forum announcement for discussion & questions.

More Information

Challenger Division is once again invite only. There will be a qualifier cup running on May 7th for the open position in the league.

We're excited to announce this season of R6 Challenger will be broadcast on Twitch out of LPL Studios in NZ. You'll be able to watch our broadcasts live on Tuesday nights. Head to LPL Play's Twitter page for announcements.

1st - $1250
2nd - $750
3rd - $500
4th - $500

Total = $3000

Amateur will be returning as well for teams to compete in. Again, needing a minimum of 12 teams to start and all players requiring a subscription in order to participate ( ). Below is the prize pool for the Amateur season.

1st - $800
2nd - $550
3rd - $400
4th - $250

Total = $2000

Open division runs continuously, and your team may join at any time! ( This division is a Free entry division and the top 3 teams winning a share of $250, as shown below.

1st - $125
2nd - $75
3rd - $50

Total = $250

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