Season 2 2019: PUBG

Prize Pool:



First Person 4v4


Open, Amateur, Challenger

Start Date:

May 14th 2019

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General info

Admin: Jaws

Welcome to PUBG season two!
We are running three (3) tiers: Challenger, Amateur and Open.

If you're new around here and you're keen to jump into some competitive PUBG? is the best place to start by signing up into the Open Ladder, which you can enter at any time!

We follow the PUBG SUPER Ruleset, used globally for consistency:
For any issues and support you can always reach admins via the LPL community discord –

PUBG is going through several changes this season, but it is with great excitement to say we are back from Monday 13th May!
It has been a long break for the core community and we know everyone is keen to get back up and running, so let us break it down...

We are glad to welcome back the voice that everyone in OCE knows, Zenox who once again will be covering all the action on Monday nights from our top tier Challenger League. This will be via

For Amateur, we welcome back another community favourite Goreway who will be covering the action from his personal twitch channel. Amateur and Open are likely to be covered also via community channels, so best to be in the LPL community discord for announcements on the night.

PUBG has moved from Wednesday nights to now Monday Nights, and we are now 5 games a night! Mixed map cycles for Challenger/Amateur, while Open is single map per night.

More Information

The prize pools for Challenger and Amateur are:
Challenger: $1500
Amateur: $500
Open: Placing in the TOP 8 gives teams entry into the relegations series to compete for Amateur Entry.

All divisions are starting May 13th from 6:30pm AEST.

The major dates are:
Week 1 - 13th May
Week 2 - 20th May
Week 3 - 27th May
Week 4 - 3rd June
Week 5 - 10th June
Week 6 - 17th June
Week 7 - 24th June
Week 8 – 1st July

We will also have a relegations series for promotion/demotion of challenger/amateur ladders, dates will be released later on.

The Distribution of the prize pools are:

1st - $600
2nd - $400
3rd - $300
4th - $200

1st - $200
2nd - $150
3rd - $100
4th - $50

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