Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Alpha Invitational

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Round Robin



Start Date:

February 14th 2018

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General info

The Alpha Series is LPL’s premiere shooter series, featuring fast paced FPS action across some of today’s greatest video game franchises.

In its inaugural season, the 2018 Alpha Invitational pits Oceania’s top professional CS:GO teams against qualifiers from our open qualifiers. In what promises to be one of Australasia’s most exciting series.

For the first time in New Zealand history, all the Counter-Strike action will be broadcast LIVE, including all 5 weeks of round robin, plus 2 weeks of intense finals action.

Teams will compete for $10,000 of cash and prizes spread between the top three teams. $5000 for first place, $3000 for second, and $2000 for third.

Three teams will proceed from this qualifying event to join our three invited teams to make up the 6-team league.

This event is open to all teams from New Zealand and Australia, players must be over 16 years old. To register your team click the link below.

Teams MUST be able to play Thursday nights; 8pm (NZT) for all 7 weeks beginning 15th Feb, following successful qualification.

The six team league will consist of 3 invited pro Australasian teams, and the top three teams from our open qualifying event.
Teams will compete in 5-weeks of round robin
The top team after the round robin stage will proceeds straight to the Grand Final
Teams placed 2nd & 3rd will proceed to the Semi-Final, the winner will advance.
Round robin matches will be best of 1
All finals matches will be best of 3

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