PlayStation Plus Friendlies: FIFA, NBA, TEKKEN

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Single Elim



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October 20th 2018

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General info

We are extremely excited to be partnering with our friends at PlayStation NZ to bring you a taste of esports at Armageddon Auckland this October, with the PlayStation Plus Friendlies!

Over the course of the weekend, we are running three friendly tournaments open to all participants attending the expo. On Saturday 20th we will be running FIFA 19, on Sunday 21st you can try your hand at Tekken 7, and on Monday 22nd you can take on NBA 2K19.

There are 32 spots to compete in each tournament, and you can enter all three if you wish! 16 spots for each tournament can be registered for online, and we will be taking 16 more registrations at the PlayStation booth at Armageddon. So if you miss out on online registrations, make sure you head over to the stand and see one of us in the LPL shirts to sign up!

Wanna know what you’re playing for?

1st Prize each day is a PS4 Pro Console, 12 Month PlayStation Plus Subscription, a Trophy, and bragging rights! 2nd Prize each day is a Limited Edition DualShock 4 Controller & 12 Month PS Plus Subscription. And the Semi-Finals runner ups (3rd & 4th) will receive a 12 Month PlayStation Plus Subscription each.

More Information

This tournament is all about having fun and getting a friendly taste of esports! There are a few rules to keep in mind in the spirit of good sportsmanship:

- Be a good sport! Treat other players and all event staff with respect, please follow their instructions at all times and direct any questions to LPL staff.
- Make sure you arrive 5 minutes before your match, and be ready to play! If you are more than 10 minutes late, you will be disqualified.
- All tournaments are single elimination, once you lose a game you are out of the running.
- LPL and PlayStation staff have the final say on all disputes.
- Refer to for further information.
- You must have an entry pass to Armageddon to be able to participate in this tournament!

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[h2]Thanks to all that participated in our friendlies tournaments at Armageddon 2018![/h2]

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