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What is CyberGamer?

CyberGamer is a website dedicated to competitive online gaming. Completely free of charge we supply users from PC and console (Xbox360 and PS3) with ladders, leagues, forums, file libraries, galleries and much more. These features allow users to immerse themselves in an online community and compete against others with similar interests.
How did we get started?

CyberGamerwas founded by two gamers, Jeremy "Asterix" Klaosen and James "sn@p!" Burroughs on the 9th of April 2007. We've built the website from the ground up. The site has been designed, developed and is maintained entirely by Jeremy & James.
Click here to view an original screenshot of the site on release April 9th 2007.... we've come a long way :D
Click here to view a screenshot of the second version of our website which was released in 2008.
The 3rd version of our site, released Feb 1st 2010 was a huge overhaul to the entire site and added the PS3 Platform!
We released our 4th versoin on Feb 1st 2011.

You are currently viewing the 5th version of our website, which was released on Feb 1st 2014!

Initially, our goal was to create a home for the Call of Duty (PC) community in Australia by supplying free services such as leagues, ladders and forums. We soon found that in most cases members of the community had gaming interests outside of the Call of Duty series, and so we soon began implementing support for a variety of games.

With the explosion of traffic and interest CyberGamer is attracting today, our emphasis has somewhat changed since we began. Our efforts are now turned to keeping on top of the gaming scene by continuing to add new support for exciting upcoming titles while maintaining quality support for ageing classics. Our structure of catering for both hardcore and casual gamers is of vital importance to us, we want to continue supplying multiple ladders & leagues to accommodate for both demographics. Finally we want to keep our interface fresh and intuitive with our software unique and powerful.

CyberGamer Europe was launched July 25th 2011, just over 4 years after CG AU was launched.


* In the 6 months after CyberGamer's release we had over 1,000 members register.
* By the end of our first year, CyberGamer had over 5,000 members.
* CyberGamer at 2 years old had over 21,000 members.
* CyberGamer at 3 years old had over 77,000 members.
* CyberGamer at 4 years old had over 120,000 members.
* CyberGamer at 5 years old had 173,000 members.
* We now have over 406,000 members across the various CG sites.

Who runs CyberGamer?

CyberGamer relies on a vast group of volunteers that administer our ladders and moderate our forums. A list of our staff and their responsibilities can be found below. Click Here to apply to become a staff member.

Overview of site permissions/ranks
Head Administrator / Platform admin - Access to everything across all platforms
Site Admin - Full access across the entire site (all platforms)
Platform Administrator - Access to everything for specific platform
Head Moderator - Access to all forum related moderator tools across all platforms
Platform Moderator - Access to all forum related moderator tools across specific platform
Platform Support Admin - Access to all support tickets for that platform
Platform PUG admin - PUG admin access to all pugs, and platform pug ban access
Game Administrator - Access to all game related administrator features for a specific (or multiple) games
Game Referee - Access to referee administration for a specific (or multiple) games
Game ShoutCaster - Access to shoutcasting tools for a specific (or multiple) games
PUG Administrator - Access to pug related admin tools for specific (or multiple) games
Moderator - Access to moderator tools for a specific (or multiple) sections

There are also many specific/unique roles/permissions that give unique functionality to a user.